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We have all heard people complain from time to time about all that they have been through and how life isn’t fair, right?  Listen, what we have been through, especially if it’s bad, does not define us as a person. It may influence us, but to be honest with you, our past only influences us to whatever degree we consciously choose it to. It doesn’t have to influence us too much if we don’t want it to. However, in contrast, on the other side of this equation, we can use a proud past to influence our current performance and continued success if we really want to, as well.

We tend to stress over our past, or what lies behind us, as well as stress about the future or what lies ahead of us; even though… we are already fully equipped to deal with anything with what’s already inside of us. Why do we unnecessarily stress ourselves out? Well, it is probably because we humans aren’t very good at living in the precious present. Sometimes when we look backward or forward too much we miss out on the fulfillment of looking inward for the better answers.

This better way of living really could be our lives on a daily basis once we truly believe that our past troubles and Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership, The Stormour future deadlines don’t have to drain the life out of us. Remember, we can internally define our past, present, and future to mean anything that we want it to. So why not define them as something good and honorable that motivates us to become a better person who influences the world in positive ways? In addition, no matter what happens, let’s always try to remember that we already have everything that we need inside of us to handle anything that has come up, or will come up.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the secret of “What’s Inside of You”.

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