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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

You are lucky! Every one of us is lucky! However, you want to know how to make yourself even luckier?

Of course you do! We all want more luck in our lives, don’t we?  So how do we do it?

It’s simple. Stop relying on luck… Confused? That’s okay. I’ll explain it to you. You see most people sit back and wait for luck to come to them. And when they look out their window and see others succeeding, these same people sitting on their rumps tend to write other people’s success of as if that other person just got lucky again.

This excuse, is an excuse we can all use to not perform or to live up to our true potential as God created human beings. This excuse gives us a reason to feel better about not succeeding when other people all around us are succeeding everyday.

So how do we get more luck in our lives without relying on luck? Simple. Change your paradigm of what luck really is. Most average people think luck is well quite frankly… luck. In a moment you will know better.

From now on your definition or paradigm of luck is going to be preparation meeting opportunity. You see, you’re finally going to start to create your own luck while others will sit back and wait for its delivery. This is most likely a delivery that will be really late or never even come.

You are going to work hard everyday in order to prepare yourself for that opportunity. And when that door finally does open, you will be the one in the crowd who is ready and willing to step over that threshold and into another world of opportunity.

Go get them tiger! And I hope you have a lot of luck! Lucky one!

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Daniel Blanchard

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