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Thousands of years ago the Ancient Greeks understood the benefits of exercising both their minds and bodies! Unfortunately, today some people are picking one over the over. Some schools have cut back on gym classes and/or recess time in order to gain more academic seat time. And some students are concentrating their efforts on sports at the expense of their studies.

The mind and body are like a two-lane road. Traveling on only one while ignoring the other might leave you stranded somewhere far away without any way of getting back home. Focusing on only one not only neglects the other, but also causes the one you’re focusing on to receive a lot of inefficient attention!

In order for either side to get the most productive attention one has to combine the two and connect the mind and body link together. Can you feel what I’m saying yet? Good! Believe it or not the mind will help out in any physical endeavor if you give it a chance to work its genius, and likewise the body will help out in any intellectual endeavor as well if given the chance to perform.

If you athletes learn how to train your brain you’ll get that mental edge that will give you a leg up on your competition in sports. And if you intellectuals discover how to use your body to put yourselves in the “zone,” your mind will be sharper and quicker than you’ve ever previously experienced.

Train your brain and feel your body move, and you’re sure to become a smarter, faster, and better you. Just look at Alexander the Great, who loved to physically dominate and destroy his competition as much as he loved to read a good book and study under Aristotle.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the Secret of “Mind and Body!”


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