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Problems! Problems! Problems! YEAH!!!

“What? What are you crazy!”  is what you must be thinking right about now.

Whoa… Hold on a second there buddy…. Give me a chance to explain. Have you ever known anyone that didn’t have problems? No. I didn’t think so. That is because there isn’t a human alive on this planet that doesn’t have problems. If there was, then that person wouldn’t be human.

Besides my Granddaddy once told me that having problems is better than the alternative of not having any problems. Because, not having any problems meant that you were DEAD!

Okay. So we all know that we’re not going to get through this world without having some kind of problems, right? Well, let me throw my next bit of wisdom at you. Hear this, and hear it clearly. Ordinary people have problems, super-ordinary people have challenges.

It’s all in the way you look at this world! What is your paradigm? Is every little bump in the road a problem or a challenge to you? The way you look at this world will eventually determine what you get to look at in this world. I vote for the challenge outlook. What about you?

One last bit of advice that I’m going to leave you with. Are you ready? Well, here goes. Ordinary people see the world filled with problems. Super-ordinary people see the world filled with challenges. Elite people see the world filled with opportunities.

How far are you willing to climb up your paradigm latter. Only to problems? Up a little to challenges? Or all the way up to opportunities?

Now, please share how you plan to use the success secret of Problems.


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Daniel Blanchard

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