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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

My Granddaddy once told me that anyone could do well when things are going well. But the true test of your character and whom you are is when things are going bad, your world has been flipped upside down, and is crumpling around you!

By not taking the easy road of playing the blame game, and not giving yourself an easy way out, you force yourself to face your challenges, problems, and deficiencies. You’ll actually empower yourself rather than disempower yourself! Remember, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger!

Face your fears. Face your inadequacies. Do something about them! Don’t blame others or the system. Look in the mirror and realize that life won’t get better until you get better! You are it!

You can moan and groan about it. You can complain and cry about it. But that doesn’t change a thing! Nobody is coming to save you. And let’s face it, your problems are your problems, not theirs.

Thus, once you accept this truth, your life becomes a do-it-yourself project! Your life and the quality of your life is in your hands, and your hands alone. This is great news because now you can chose to live any type of life you like!

“How?” you ask. By doing something. One of our greatest former presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “Above all, do something.”

Get moving and do something to create the life that you want. Just be prepared to live with the positive and negative consequences of each choice you make about your own life without blaming it on others or the system.

Remember, it’s a do-it-yourself project where you can climb as high as you’d like, or fall as low as you want. Don’t blame your troubles on others or the system.

Empower yourself by taking charge of your own life! See you at the top!!!

Now, please share how you’re going to stop blaming others.


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Daniel Blanchard

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