Dan Blanchard has captured the essence of leadership development and teen mentoring

 in a series of books which reveal Granddaddy’s wisdom. The overall message of Granddaddy is how one generation passes on wisdom to another generation. Dan answers the question of whether change is incremental or simply a transformational event. For most of us it is the former that facilitates change in our lives and gets to the heart of how Granddaddy orchestrates change in his grandchild. As you move through the story many of the cultural issues we experience today are addressed which have broken the traditional family structure that Granddaddy grew up with. Based on this if you are a teenager who does not have a father figure this book is for you as the secrets of life are revealed through the teenager in the story by his grandfather. His grandfather is the leader/mentor who passes on lessons this child may not have received otherwise. It’s not simply a story of connection for broken homes but it is also a story of leadership development and the mentoring process. Fatherless homes would deeply resonate with this story but I think it also can have appeal for anyone who believes in teen mentoring and leadership development. Overall the story Dan has presented in his series of books is geared towards parents and their teenagers however it can be used by teachers in the classroom, mentors who do one-on-one mentoring, and leaders who seek to develop those they lead. Not only is this a great story but it is told by a great leader and mentor whom I greatly admire, Dan Blanchard.