Daniel Blanchard’s parenting book, The Storm  is a book I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to read. Reading this book feels like sitting down with family and good friends, people who really care about you and want to share secrets with you to inspire, uplift and challenge you to live a truly meaningful life. The Storm has many valuable, commonsense lessons that can help anyone of us live a life full of promise, a life that we can truly be proud of. Sometimes even with the best of intentions, we feel stuck, unable and unsure how we can achieve our goals. The Storm will give you that extra nudge to go after your dreams, stop holding on to a past that may be holding you back, believe in yourself,  and resolve once and for all to take control of your life.

Anyone who has ever said or thought “I wish I knew then I what I know now” needs to get a copy of, The Storm, read it and then pass it on to a loved one.