The Storm: A Leadership Booklet and Blog #2

THE STORM Chapter 2: The Storm


“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.” – Billy Graham


Why This Matters: Chapter 2 delves into the complexities of family dynamics, the impact of absent fathers, and the transformative power of breaking generational cycles. It underscores the importance of self-reflection, acknowledging past hardships, and aspiring to create positive legacies. The chapter challenges readers to consider the role of anger in their lives and communities, encouraging them to question societal norms and strive for a better future.

Essential Question for Readers: “How can the choices we make as individuals break the cycle of generational patterns, and what role does self-awareness play in shaping the legacies we leave for future generations?”


Chapter Summary

Chapter 2 delves into Dakota’s complex relationship with his father, Pops, and his grandfather, Granddaddy. It’s Dakota’s birthday, and he spends the day with Granddaddy, reflecting on family dynamics and personal aspirations. Despite Pops’ absence, Dakota is content, preferring not to discuss their strained relationship with Granddaddy.

Dakota contemplates the recurring generational cycle of absent fathers in his family and his determination to break it when he becomes a father himself. He reflects on Pops’ abusive behavior and how it has affected him, vowing to be a better parent in the future. Dakota’s commitment to breaking the cycle is fueled by the desire to create a positive legacy for his family.

The chapter explores Dakota’s internal struggle with anger, drawing a parallel between his own experiences and those of friends in his tumultuous neighborhood. Dakota questions the prevalence of anger in his environment and wonders if it’s a societal norm. Granddaddy’s contrasting demeanor stands out, prompting Dakota to speculate on how his grandfather escaped the chaos of their shared upbringing.

As Dakota spends time with Granddaddy, he appreciates the older man’s peaceful and confident nature. Granddaddy’s positive qualities inspire Dakota to consider a different path for himself. The chapter closes with Granddaddy’s departure, leaving Dakota with a mix of admiration and curiosity about the elder’s life experiences.



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Reflection/Journaling: Reflect on your own family dynamics and relationships. Have you experienced challenges similar to Dakota’s? Consider the impact of absent or strained relationships on your life. How do you handle anger, and what role does self-awareness play in breaking generational patterns? Reflect on positive qualities you want to pass on to future generations.


  1. Identify one generational pattern or cycle you would like to break in your family. Outline specific steps you can take to address and overcome this pattern.
  2. Set a goal to enhance your self-awareness in moments of anger or frustration. Explore healthy ways to cope with and express these emotions, breaking the cycle of negativity.
  3. Reflect on positive qualities exhibited by role models in your life or community. Set a goal to embody and pass on these qualities to create a positive legacy for future generations.

Next Steps:

  1. Initiate open and honest conversations with family members about generational patterns. Seek understanding and support as you work towards breaking cycles.
  2. Explore mindfulness practices or anger management techniques to enhance your self-awareness and emotional regulation.
  3. Identify a mentor or role model who embodies the positive qualities you aspire to pass on. Seek guidance and inspiration from their experiences to shape your own path.

Remember, breaking generational cycles is a gradual process, and self-reflection is a powerful tool in initiating positive change. Use your reflections and goals as a guide for creating a meaningful and impactful legacy for yourself and future generations.

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