The Storm: A Leadership Booklet and Blog #3

THE STORM Chapter 3: Skate to Where the Puck is Going


“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky


Why This Matters: Chapter 3, “Skate to Where the Puck is Going,” underscores the importance of purpose, planning, and proactive thinking in personal development. Granddaddy’s wisdom, combined with references to Wayne Gretzky and Anthony Robbins, highlights the power of foresight and its impact on success. The chapter encourages readers to reflect on their own strategies for navigating life’s challenges, emphasizing the transformative potential of planning for the future.

Essential Question for Readers: “How can the lessons of foresight and planning, as shared by Granddaddy and inspired by figures like Wayne Gretzky, shape our personal mission statements and contribute to our journey towards success and positive impact?”


Chapter Summary

In Chapter 3, titled “Skate to Where the Puck is Going,” Dakota and Granddaddy embark on a walk through a park. Granddaddy imparts life lessons to Dakota, emphasizing the importance of purpose, direction, and planning. As they anticipate an approaching storm, Granddaddy reveals his ability to smell rain, sparking Dakota’s curiosity. Granddaddy introduces the concept of planning ahead by recounting a quote from Wayne Gretzky, encouraging Dakota to foresee future challenges.

Dakota shares his park experiences and admiration for Granddaddy’s calm demeanor. Granddaddy then discloses his intention to share secrets, or rather, life lessons, with Dakota. He stresses the significance of planning for success and the impact it can have on others. The narrative delves into the analogy of a kayak without a paddle, symbolizing the consequences of inadequate planning.

In the second part of the chapter, Dakota opens up about his mission statement, a practice inspired by Anthony Robbins. Granddaddy applauds Dakota’s proactive approach and draws parallels between his strategies and Gretzky’s success. The conversation shifts to specific achievements and Dakota’s surprise as Granddaddy reveals he’s been paying close attention to Dakota’s life.

Granddaddy encourages Dakota to extend his positive mindset to academics and foresees him making a significant impact beyond school and sports. The chapter concludes with Dakota feeling both excited and empowered by the prospect of applying his newfound skills to various aspects of his life. Overall, Chapter 3 marks a pivotal moment in Dakota’s personal development, highlighting the integration of life lessons and positive thinking into his journey.



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Reflection/Journaling: Reflect on a time when foresight and planning played a significant role in your personal or academic achievements. How did it contribute to your success? Consider the analogy of a kayak without a paddle. Are there areas in your life where inadequate planning has led to challenges? How can you improve your planning for a more successful journey?


  1. Develop a personal mission statement, inspired by Dakota’s experience. Outline your core values, goals, and the positive impact you aim to make.
  2. Identify a specific aspect of your life (academic, personal, or professional) where you can apply the lessons of foresight and planning. Set measurable goals for improvement.
  3. Reflect on Granddaddy’s encouragement for Dakota to extend his positive mindset to academics. Set a goal to approach your studies with a proactive and optimistic mindset.

Next Steps:

  1. Draft your personal mission statement and display it in a visible place as a daily reminder of your values and goals.
  2. Create a plan for foresight and planning in the area you identified, breaking it down into actionable steps. Execute the plan gradually to see positive changes.
  3. Incorporate a positive mindset into your academic approach. Identify specific strategies to overcome challenges and setbacks, and visualize your success.

Remember, the power of planning lies in its ability to shape your journey and contribute to your success. Use these reflections and goals as a roadmap for a purposeful and proactive approach to life.

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