The Storm: A Leadership Booklet and Blog #5

THE STORM Blog/Chapter 5: It’s Already in You

 “Happiness does not come from the pursuit of success but from the journey of self-improvement and contentment.” – Unknown


Why This Matters: Chapter 5, “It’s Already in YOU!,” delves into the profound wisdom of contentment and self-improvement passed down from Granddaddy. The chapter challenges the conventional pursuit of material success and encourages readers to find happiness in the present moment. It emphasizes the significance of dreaming big while appreciating life’s ordinary aspects and highlights the importance of preparation over relying on luck.

Essential Question for Readers: “How can the pursuit of self-improvement and contentment, as guided by Granddaddy and inspired by Buddha, reshape our understanding of success and guide us toward a more balanced and fulfilling life?”


Chapter Summary

Chapter 5 of “It’s Already in YOU!” explores the wisdom passed down from Granddaddy to Dakota, focusing on the theme of contentment, the pursuit of success, and the importance of self-improvement. Granddaddy draws inspiration from the teachings of Buddha and shares his personal experiences to convey valuable life lessons.

Granddaddy emphasizes the idea that happiness comes from being content with what you have rather than constantly desiring more. He narrates how Buddha taught that the root of unhappiness lies in the relentless pursuit of material possessions and the inability to appreciate the present. Granddaddy uses his own life as an example, explaining why he chooses to live a modest life despite being successful.

The chapter delves into the concept of striving for greatness while maintaining an ordinary life, as Colonel Reynolds advised Granddaddy. The narrative unfolds with Granddaddy encouraging Dakota to dream big and set goals beyond the immediate achievements. He uses the analogy of reaching for the stars, implying that each accomplishment serves as a stepping stone towards more significant achievements.

Through a heartfelt conversation, Granddaddy challenges Dakota to understand the difference between luck and preparation, using Dakota’s experiences in sports as examples. He stresses the danger of relying on luck, as it can lead to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Granddaddy encourages Dakota to believe in his abilities and the value of hard work.

The chapter concludes with Dakota reflecting on the symbolism of a simple pavilion providing shelter from a storm, likening it to finding contentment in life’s simple pleasures rather than relentlessly chasing elusive goals. The scene with people running in the rain serves as a metaphor for individuals who may be missing out on opportunities for happiness due to a narrow focus on one direction.

In summary, Chapter 5 offers a thoughtful exploration of life’s principles, emphasizing the importance of gratitude, self-improvement, and a balanced pursuit of success.



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Reflection/Journaling: Reflect on your own pursuit of success and happiness. Have you found contentment in your journey, or are you constantly seeking more? Consider the teachings of Buddha and Granddaddy’s wisdom on the root of unhappiness. How can you cultivate contentment in your life? Think about the balance between dreaming big and appreciating the present.


  1. Develop a practice of gratitude by regularly reflecting on and appreciating the simple pleasures in your life. Set a goal to focus on the positive aspects rather than dwelling on what you lack.
  2. Identify one area in your life where you can apply the concept of striving for greatness while maintaining balance. Set specific goals that align with this principle.
  3. Reflect on the role of luck and preparation in your endeavors. Set a goal to prioritize preparation and hard work over relying solely on luck, believing in your abilities.

Next Steps:

  1. Start a gratitude journal to document the things you are thankful for each day. Make it a habit to review and add to this journal regularly.
  2. Implement the concept of striving for greatness in a specific area of your life, whether personal or professional. Take gradual steps toward your goals while maintaining a sense of balance.
  3. Evaluate your current mindset regarding luck and preparation. Develop a plan to enhance your skills, knowledge, and work ethic in areas that matter to you.

Remember, the pursuit of self-improvement and contentment is an ongoing journey. Use these reflections and goals to guide your path toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.



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