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Great leaders have a way of knowing what to do next… Some may call it a gut instinct, others may call it something else…

Although, may not all agree on what to call this special ability in our great leaders; we all know it when we see it! Great leaders can look around and know when something just isn’t right. Or when everybody else is saying, “No. This isn’t right,” the great leader can tell when the masses are wrong, and when it is right.

How do great leaders do this? Well, the short answer is that they just trust their gut.

The long answer has a lot to do with the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

You see, our conscious mind can handle about seven things at a time. That is why phone numbers are seven numbers. If we deal with much more than this we get overwhelmed and then tend to do a bunch of little things poorly. Unfortunately, doing a bunch of little things poorly, can only lead to eventually doing big things poorly.

However, there is a savior. Us limited humble humans do have a magical power called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is on all the time. It’s like a never ending movie. Your subconscious mind picks up everything, even the tiniest things that you would never consciously notice. It will guide you, protect you, and lead you if you just trust it, and let it do it’s job.

For example, I once heard of a story of a mother calling her daughter on the phone and asking her to stop by the gas station to have her rear passenger tire checked. When the daughter asked the mother why, the mother said she didn’t know why, it was just a gut feeling she had all of a sudden about her daughter’s rear passenger tire.

The daughter laughed and wasn’t about to waste her time on a busy day going to the repair shop without any solid reason to really go. The mother insisted. The daughter eventually complied. When she got to the repair shop, the mechanic told her that her rear passenger tire had a bubble in it and was about to blow. “This could have caused a series accident while the girl was driving…” the mechanic said.

How did the mother know this? She didn’t!

Did the mother look at the tire before she went to work? The answer is no…

However, even though the mother didn’t consciously see the bubble in her daughter’s rear passenger tire, the on-going movie of her subconscious mind filmed it. Next, her subconscious mind went to work and eventually led her and her family to safety.

What has your subconscious mind been telling you lately? Are you ready to listen to it? I think it’s time to have more confidence in yourself and start trusting your gut, don’t you?

Now, please share how you decided to trust your gut.


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