Turn Terrible Negative Environments into Powerful, Motivational Forces!

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

I’m sure that we have all been awed more than once by all of our beloved Hollywood-made heroes. You know the kind I’m talking about. They are the ones that have been struck down, but yet refuse to give up. They are the ones that somehow persevere when all of the rest of us would have quit. They are the ones that have that burning desire fit of a hero, to succeed against all odds!

Come on… Admit it… You’ve rooted for this underdog-turned-hero that I’m talking about above. We’ve all rooted for these underdogs, “soon-to-be-hero” types. And the more of an underdog they tend to be, the more we tend to root for them. Us Americans have a soft spot in our hearts for our beloved mutts! One just has to look at the success of the Walt Disney movie; Lady and the Tramp to see what I’m saying is true. We love our mutts! We love our underdogs!

Hollywood has been successfully stirring emotions in us to root for the down and trodden. These poor souls usually have the weight of the world on their shoulders and no visible way of getting out from underneath their unjust burdens. Hollywood has a powerful way of showing us how far this underdog has sunken into the depths of despair, thus becoming an outcast of the society that he or she lives in. And you know what? Somehow we still like them, and somehow we still root for them…

And then, surprise, surprise! The down and trodden, against all odds, picks him or herself up of the floors of the deepest oceans and finds a way to swim up out of what ever mess that he or she had gotten themselves in!

We quite often find ourselves getting emotional and rooting for these Hollywood-made heroes on their ascension to greatness and then leap for joy when they reach their zenith! And it usually doesn’t matter if we even know these Hollywood-made heroes; we root for them anyway. In addition, it also usually doesn’t matter if this hero is even real; we will still root for the fictional hero. Furthermore, many times it doesn’t even matter if we initially disliked this Hollywood character, once they pick themselves up and work toward succeeding we tend to like them anyway, even if they fail!

So my BIG QUESTION for all of you now is: if Hollywood can get you to root for someone that you’ve never met, might not even be real, or someone you initially disliked and eventually might have failed anyway, then what will it take to get you to root for yourself, and root for yourself even on your worse days?

That’s right! You read the question above correctly. What will it take to get you to root for yourself, no matter what your circumstance, or what you did? You see, many of us will root for the Hollywood character, but we won’t root for ourselves. And if you’re going to succeed in this tough, sometimes unfair world, then at least you will need to be on your own side… If nobody else in this world is on your side, then at least you need to be on your side.

No matter what you did, nor no matter what your circumstances, stop rooting for the Hollywood guy or gal, and start rooting for yourself! Who is more important, a Hollywood fictional character, or you?

Remember this: If your situation and circumstances are going to get better, then you need to get better. And you’re not going to get any better feeling sorry for yourself and not rooting for yourself. Only when you root for yourself and get better at what you do, will you have the ability to make your circumstances better. This will eventually improve the quality of your life, and your loved ones… You deserve it, and so do your loved ones!

So stop wasting precious energy worrying about how bad you have it. Stop blaming others, even if they are to blame. You have a much bigger and more important mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn your terrible negative environment into a powerful, motivational force.

Now that you know what you don’t want (more of that terrible negative environment and feeling sorry for yourself), now you can go after what you do want (success and happiness, and at least you on your side)! Beware though; you’re going to need laser-like focus in order to accomplish this mission stated above. But, if you’re focused and driven enough, then you won’t let your circumstances, nor the nay sayers distract you.

Get on your own side! Get focused! Get emotionally charged! And get ahead!

Now, please share how you plan to use this secret of turning the negative into the positive.


Thanks for your time,


Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets series

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