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Dan Blanchard award-winning author, speaker and educator

We can have anything we want, if we want it bad enough, and are willing to pay the price. That’s great news, isn’t it? So the world is our oyster after all, right? This is awesome! So let’s go get what we want!

Wait. Hold on a minute. This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If we can have anything we want, then why don’t more of us already have what we want?

Well, after some pondering I think the real issue here is that most of us haven’t really figured out what we truly want.

You see the challenge here is that we are have all been programmed to think and live our lives in a certain way by others from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Think about this for a moment. We’re brought into this world and if we aren’t crying loud enough then someone slaps our little behinds to make us cry out louder. As we grow up our parents tell us what to do and what we should want followed by our siblings telling us. Next, our teachers, coaches, friends, and eventually our spouses and then the needs of our own children end up influencing what we should think and want.

In retrospect, combine the above with the bombardment of messages we get from Hollywood and Wall Street and sadly, most of us haven’t really been given a chance yet to discover who we truly are and what we truly want.

We all need to reprogram ourselves more to our own liking. We need to find out what we truly want. After we have figured out for ourselves what we want, then we should WANT to do almost anything to get to that special place.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use the Secret of “We Can Have Anything We Want!”


Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets series

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