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Cool as a goose is the way my Granddaddy always appeared whenever the pressure was on. “I am not worried about it.” was his response whenever I anxiously tried to hurry him. It used to drive me crazy when I was young and anxious. But now after living some life I have come to see what a gift my Granddaddy’s way of life was. He always had somewhere to go, but he was never in a rush to get there. And, although, he never acted like he knew everything, he certainly acted like he was happy knowing what he knew.

Granddaddy always had such a calm demeanor to him that I never fully appreciated back during that time of my life. Now, I really admire and almost envy him because he was always happy knowing what he knew, while my friends and I seem to be always rushing around trying to learn more as if what we already knew was not good enough.

Now don’t get me wrong. Every day we spend on this planet should be a day we learn something new. I have heard some of the biggest people at the top of their professions say that the day they stop learning is the day they should hang it up. And I agree with them. However, do we always have to be anxiously rushing around like we are running away from something? It’s like we are always trying to get out from underneath some dark cloud that won’t ever give us a break. It never lets us stop long enough to realize that we are already good enough. We Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership, The Stormalready possess valuable knowledge that could help make us happy and improve our lives and the lives of others.

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret on being happy about what you already know.

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