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As a former history teacher I can’t help but think of our country’s forefathers, the Framers of our Constitution, and all they fearlessly sacrificed for freedom as I read Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto and his 9 Declarations to Claim Our Personal Power.

These 9 Declarations that will help us claim personal power are: 1. Meet Life with Full Presence and Power. 2. Reclaim Our Agenda. 3. Defeat Our Demons. 4. Advance with Abandon. 5. Practice Joy and Gratitude. 6. Do Not Break Integrity. 7. Amplify Love. 8. Inspire Greatness. 9. Slow Time.

In a manner that I think Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, and the rest of the gang would agree with, Brendon Burchard explains that the main motivation of humankind is to be free, to express our full selves, and to pursue our dreams without restriction to experience our own personal power or personal freedom. To secure these rights we must not consent to be controlled by fear, convention, tyranny, or even the will of the masses when they are wrong.

Over time, millions have marched for our freedom, millions have fought, and millions have died. Millions have also thrived in the cause of freedom that we so freely take for granted today. I wonder how our forefathers would have felt about this if they could look into the future and see all of us today?

Sadly, even though the United States and many other developed countries where democracy rules and freedom rings, not all of us are totally free. We want to be free, but too often we are ruled by conformity and fear. However, if we can get beyond conformity and fear, and move closer toward freedom and authenticity, we’ll find that we become more and more motivated and alive.

“Fear rips us from Freedom,” says Brendon Burchard. It is the destroyer of greatness. We must set new bold Declarations to not be afraid of the extraordinary effort needed to be free. Stop being afraid. Unless we are in a real life or death situation, what do we really have to be afraid of in the first place? Fear is just a crutch for emotional weakness. The truth is that we are more often fleeing from ourselves than actual danger.

If we really paused long enough to examine our fears, we’ll soon realize that there is always less to lose than to gain in making good decisions and taking action for ourselves. The next time we are afraid we need to ask ourselves if we are acting our not acting from a state of fear and aversion, or are we acting from a state of freedom and ascension. Yes, we can be afraid and still act in a way that helps us ascend; that is called courage and desire to be free. Our forefathers understood what I’m talking about here. I mean, let’s think about this for a moment: Aren’t we more than our tiny worries of inconvenience? Isn’t a better life worth some struggle?

Still think you can’t do it? Still think the others who are doing it are just lucky?  Well, I have some breaking news for you… The motivated ones aren’t just lucky, they’re just choosing to use their minds in a more purposeful way. And that more purposeful way starts with them knowing their “Why” or their reason for acting even when they’re feeling discomfort or fear.

Motivation for these so-called lucky people are fueled by ambition and expectancy. The “lucky ones” know that they will make their dreams come true over time because they trust their ability to learn, to work, to ask for help, and to persist. With these expectations their minds begin to form the beliefs and behaviors needed to make their ambitions a reality.

So, what does Brendon Burchard’s first Declaration of Meeting Life with Full Presence and Power mean? Well, it means a lot of things like a better future can be imagined in segments of time, but it is only in this time that a better future can be built. We have to ask ourselves what kind of person and what kind of experience do we want to choose to manifest right now? Those that have such presence of mind get to live a life that is connected (united), real and positive. In the end, the sunshine of enlightenment spreads to those who understand that the moments in our lives must not go unnoticed and unlived.

How about Declaration 2 of Reclaiming Our Agenda? Sadly, many people get stuck in life because they never rise above their timid desires to please others. We must learn to artfully deal with anyone who tries to derail our mission, even if they are family. Let’s take back our day tomorrow by scribing our dreams tonight. Let’s create our own Manifesto, our own Declaration! After all, let’s not forget that human nature naturally steers us toward self-reliance and freedom… Let ring the freedom bell and Declare our own Freedom!

In discussing Brendon Burchard’s Declaration 3, Defeating our Demons we must remember that our own thoughts defeat us more than circumstances do. We are all plagued by doubt, but the great ones somehow find faith and begin anyways. Once again, these few are not lucky; they simply are more intentional and more practiced at defeating their internal demons.

Now let’s look at the bright side of this, Enlightenment comes to those who free themselves from self-oppression. And in contrast, if you choose to look at the dark side of all of this and want to think about what doubt does to us… think about this… because of doubt, not only do we fail to do what we could have done, but even worse; we fail to become what we could have become.

Now onto Declaration 4, Advance with Abandon. Our destiny hinges on a mindset for bold action. Courageous people see circumstances as temporary. They know reality is bendable to their iron will.

However, it’s important to remember though that in Declaration 4, once again, the most common sticking point is that we desire to gain permission from those we trust and love. We’re going to have to deal with this seeking permission thing if we truly want to be free and successful. In addition, we must also remember that hardships are good because only in hardships can our weaknesses be exposed and then finally expelled…

Declaration 5 of Practicing Joy and Gratitude reminds us that life is a journey, a trying and exciting adventure whose destination matters less than the passions and freedoms felt along the way. After all, what is our life’s purpose if it’s not to live? And by living, we all need to be reminded of that miraculous life energy that brought us into existence.

Where is that miraculous life energy today? It’s still there if we know where to look. And while we’re looking, we should not focus on the shadows in the corner of the room and be so foolish to miss the fact that the shadow only exist because the room is illuminated. Find that illumination in the dark among the shadows and we’ll find our life energy that will just so happen coincide with joy and gratitude.

Now for Declaration 6 of Not Breaking Integrity. Always remember that the world will bombard us with opportunities to be small and catty, but freedom and victory belongs to those who remain strong and true despite temptation.

Dan Blanchard, Teen Leadership, The StormFurthermore, remember that there is no integrity without clarity. Be clear on the character you want to possess. Sadly, when we don’t take the time to define our character or our identity, then we become a slave to impulse and mimicry that will lead to a break in integrity, which will eventually kill our personal freedom and personal success.

Declaration 7: Amplify Love! Love is our origin and our final destination. Nothing more need be said, right? However, I think I will say a few more things here about love because we need to know during those hard times in our lives that love was never absent from our lives, we just simply allowed our awareness of it to diminish. Furthermore, remember that all breakthroughs in life are merely through higher energy- in most cases, that of love.

Declaration 8:  Inspire Greatness. Brendon Burchard says that we must have the courage to ask, “Am I living a truly great life?”

Listen, billions want the world to improve, we all want something to give to, to believe in, to fight for. Here is our chance. Like Gandhi said, ‘We must become the change that we want to see.” Be that change and others will follow you all the way to that state of living a truly great life.

Finally, Declaration 9 of Slow Time.  We are not supposed to miss this moment. We need to slow it all down so we can feel it once more, enjoy it once more, and live it once more. The bottom line is that life is finite. And too many people have found out the hard way that life will randomly, and all too soon, be taken away… To combat this finiteness we need to heighten our senses to everything around us so that life will slow down to an enjoyable peaceful pace that causes us to feel free, alive, and finally the master of our own destiny; regardless, of how long we walk upright on this planet that we’re all sharing.

In closing, once again Brendon Burchard has written another fabulous book that causes us to eagerly turn each page so we can quickly see what awesome, thought-provoking thing he’ll say next. It’s a great book that will help all of us live a higher quality life, as well as remind us of all the sacrifices that those who have gone before us have made. Good reading my friend.

Daniel Blanchard is an award-winning author, speaker, educator, parenting expert and certified life-coach.

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