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Becoming a successful leader really is a balancing act. In order to become a successful leader we must believe in ourselves and balance that belief off by getting off of our butts and doing the necessary work to be a successful leader.

Recently I read a poll that compared children’s beliefs and work ethics from all over the world. This study showed that the American children are half way there in the balancing act between believing in themselves and doing the necessary work needed for real achievement. When compared to other children around the world, the American children’s belief in themselves came back at a higher rate than most of the world. However, they did not do as well with their work ethic.

It’s true that the American kids are not out-working all the other kids in the world. However, this is not horrible news. We have provided for their basic needs and our kids believe in themselves. Furthermore, they live in a country that has a high entrepreneurial spirit that tends to think outside-of-the-box and find ways to succeed.

Teens, imagine if we could get ourselves to hold onto our positive beliefs in ourselves, as well as, our can-do entrepreneurial spirit, and also do the necessary work. What if we did extra work in our quest to live a happy, confident, and successful life?  Do you think that we would reach real achievement at an earlier age in our life by working extra hard right now? If we did the work right now, and even did a little extra, do you think we would be able to travel further in life and experience more exciting, and earth-moving things on our personal journey of success, leadership, and fulfillment? Yeah… Let’s say Heck Yeah! HECK YEAH! So let’s do it then!

Now please share with the rest of us how you plan to use Granddaddy’s secret of,  ”Believing in yourself and going to work!”


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Daniel Blanchard

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