BOOK BORROWINGS-Goals by Brian Tracy


 Borrow this book if you have to!

Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart!

And make it yours if you are wise!


If you only get one thing from this book, it should be the next thing. Write down your goals; make plans to achieve them; and work your plan every day. If you do just this one little thing consisting of this simple three-step process, it will most likely be more valuable to you than four years of university study.

You see, according to Brian Tracy, we become what we think about most of the time, so we need to focus our thinking through goals. Without goals we just simply drift in our thoughts and in life. Sadly, most of us spend our time thinking about and talking about what we don’t want in life. In contrast, successful people are doing the exact opposite through their goals directing them to think and talk about what they do want in their life.

A Harvard study was done on goals way back in 1979. At this time it was found that only 3% of Harvard students ready to graduate had clear, definable goals actually written down. Ten years later, in 1989, they revisited these 1979 graduates and learned that the 3% with written goals were earning ten times as much as all the rest combined. This writer knows that there was also a similar study done at Yale.

How is this possible? Well, goals give us a purpose. They give us a direction. And even more importantly, goals give us confidence, and the push we need to take action.

However, in order for goals to work, we have to clarify what exactly it is that we want in life. We also have to recognize and understand our values, because our values are going to lead to our beliefs, and our beliefs are going to lead to our expectations.

We need to get rid our self-limiting beliefs and low expectations. They are the most harmful thing that we deal with throughout our entire lives according to Tracy’s book. We have much more potential than we know, but unfortunately we are always afraid to really reach for what should be ours.

Setting goals will help us combat this fear and move us out of the wishing zone and into the knowing zone. Positive thinking isn’t enough. We have to have positive knowing. Goals will help us know that we are going to be okay. Goals will help us know that we are going to figure it out, and we are going to win. Goals will help us get what we want.

So, let’s get busy in setting goals, and let’s set big ones right now that have deadlines. Big ones because they will be compelling, and deadlines because without them goals are not really goals.

Now what happens if we miss the deadline? Well, according to Brian Tracy, we just simply set another deadline. As a matter of fact, if we miss a deadline and the goal no longer seems compelling to us, then we should forget about that old one, and make a new goal. Furthermore, Brain Tracy encourages us to look at our goals every day through an exercise of actually writing our goals down every morning without looking at the previous days goals. By doing this every day, without looking, we will eventually figure out what our real goals are and lose the less important ones. In addition, once we know what our goals are, then we should write down 3 actions to take. Then actually take those three actions to help us move closer toward our real goals. Taking action is one of the most important things that we can do.

Brian Tracy is a master at what he does, and I couldn’t possibly explain his book on goals fully in such a short article. I highly encourage you to read his book and enjoy your goals and future success. I know I am!

Daniel Blanchard is the author of the teen leadership book series, Granddaddy’s Secrets.