BOOK BORROWING- Personal Power Classic by Anthony Robbins!

 Borrow this book if you have to!

Borrow the information inside of the book if you are smart!

And make it yours if you are wise!


 This 1996, Tony Robbins classic is another one of Tony’s books that is as good today as it was when I first read over a decade ago. In this book Anthony Robbins shares with us what it was like to be a 17 year old kid who spent a lot of his time and money buying self-improvement tapes by the dozens at a store named Knight. Tony claims that this investment in time and money has made all the difference in his life. Furthermore, if we do the same then it can also make a huge difference in our lives as well.

In Tony’s Personal Power book he explains how power is really nothing more than just the ability to act. And all of us have the ability to act if we will just decide to do it. Decide, by the way, means to cut off. By deciding, we cut ourselves off from any possibility of anything else but what we decide to act on.

So with that said, here is Tony’s model on making positive changes in our lives. First, we have to decide what it is that we really want. Second, we have to take some action every day. Third, we must notice if it’s working. And fourth, try something else if it’s not working. Now, I know we all want positive change and we want it now. Some of us are even probably wondering how long it will take to go through Tony’s model of change. Well, there is good news, not only will change come with Tony’s model, but for the impatient people out there we can speed up our progress through what Tony calls role models.

Another thing that Tony talks about a lot in making change is the pain and pleasure principle. We all try to move toward pleasure and away from pain. And most of us will go to the ends of the earth to avoid pain. The sad thing is that usually the pain and pleasure principle uses us, instead of us using it. This is a very powerful tool that we all need to learn how to use to get what we want. A Simple way to use the power of pain to move us is to think about what it will cost us in the long run if we don’t take action. In addition, also picture yourself taking action and already achieving your goal. Feel the pleasure of knowing what you have accomplished. Are you feeling pumped now to get started?

However, for those times that we do find ourselves falling into a rut and unable to make progress, then Tony suggest that we get some leverage on ourselves by asking ourselves why we need to change. So let’s interrupt our negative thought patterns and create new associations with taking a new action that is positive rather than scary.

Personal Power Classic is so full of valuable information that it would be impossible to thoroughly cover it all here. So, I’ll end of what Tony says about happiness. According to what Tony says about happiness is that we have six human needs that are in a constant tug-o-war with each other. These six human needs are: 1. Certainty. 2. Uncertainty. 3. Significance. 4. Connection and love. 5. The need to grow. 6. The need to contribute. These six human needs make our lives happy sometimes. And other times they sabotage us if we’re using the wrong vehicle to satisfy them. However, if we pick the right vehicle to satisfy them, in the right amount, then we could find ourselves driving off into the sunset of our dreams.

Enjoy the book! I did!


Daniel Blanchard is the author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series.