Book Marketing For Authors Blog 23-Getting Paid to Build our Authorpreneurship Business


Getting Paid to Build our Authorpreneurship Business


Writing books is awesome! But only a few of us with make tons of money off of a blockbuster book. For most of us authors, our books are sort of like our business cards. They give us all sorts of credibility to do other things to make money. Our books help us with speaking, coaching, consulting, creating subscription services, etc.… For us self-publishing indie authors to truly be successful and financially rewarded we need to build a business around our books. That’s authorpreneurship. However, this path to authorpreneurship has a very steep learning curve that is not learned quickly.

So, how do we learn as fastest possible to become a real authorpreneur? Well, believe it or not, you don’t have to go to college to learn this stuff. That would take too long and cost too much money. And that’s coming from a guy who has completed 14 years of college and has earned 7 degrees. College is not the answer in this case. But, consulting might be.

Hey, we’re all good or at least a little good, or minimally interested in learning something new for our authorpreneuship business, right? And we want this learning to be quick. And we would love it to be free, right? Well, did you know that when we consult, we can ask for at least some of the money upfront?

You see, that’s the secret to actually getting paid to build our business instead of paying for it ourselves. We can take half of our consulting money upfront, and then go pay for a class on that topic. Next, do the consulting job, and then collect the second half of the payment. We just had someone pay for our education. And now we have a new or least an improved skill we can use ourselves to build our own business, as well as, help others and have them pay us too. Pretty cool, huh?

Every one of us is good at something. Every one of us is already doing pretty cool things online to build our authorpreneurship business that others would also like to know how to do. Or maybe even done for them. And every one of us has some kind of interest in what we could be doing better that would help us take our game to the next level. So, why not use these skills to help others, and thus indirectly also help ourselves build our own business and get paid while we learn on another’s dime.

Are we good at, or do we want to get really good at publishing? Help others then. Get half upfront. Take a class. Gain skills and knowledge. Get the second half of the money. Rinse and repeat. Got it. Rinse and repeat, okay?

Want to do this cycle with speaking? Internet marketing? Email funnels? How about just simple writing or editing? Social Media? Website building? SEO? Online marketing? Audiobook creation? Formatting? Book covers? Getting Amazon book reviews? Podcast? Webinars? Internet TV? Creating Online Courses? The list goes on and on and on…

The internet has opened the door for us to become authorpreneurs. It has flung the doors wide open for us to learn. And know that we are on that learning curve upward to success, the internet has also made if very easy for us to sell our knowledge and services to other authors who are just jumping into this game and need some help.

In addition, I am going to repeat the concept again of how the internet makes it easy for us to take additional classes to further learn what we already know so we can charge others while racing forward with building our own author business.

Here is a really advanced strategy for all authorpreneurs out there. Once you learn something very good and know exactly how it is supposed to go, you may find yourself wanting to learn a new skill, but too much of your time is taken with your consulting on the old skill. Well, this is what you do, outsource that former job to someone in India.

We could take a $1000 for a job, then pay someone in India $500 to do it. We are now the middlemen or women who get paid $500 for each gig someone else does. Now don’t feel bad about this. This sort of thing happens all the time. But… we need to make sure we know this skill well before we attempt to outsource it. This way, we can better direct our subcontractors and know whether or not they are capable of doing a good job.

Now with our new-found time, we can go find a new consulting gig for the new skill we want to learn. And then repeat the before mentioned strategy of being paid half upfront, taking the class, doing the contract work, and then getting paid the other half on the back end.

We will now have a new and improved skill to build our own business and have an additional side income stream. And someday we may be able to subcontract out this work to someone in India again.

Increase your knowledge, and you can increase your prices of your consulting. Also, slowly increase your outsourcing, and you’ll increase your income, as well. And the best of all, you’ll be able to work productively and more professionally on your own stuff too as a real authorpreneur!

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