Book Marketing For Authors Blog 24-Making Some Money Online

Making Some Money Online


A lot of our authorpreneurship business for us self-publishing indie authors are going to be online. Hey, that’s just how it is today in this internet dominated world. And if we’re not taking advantage of the opportunities the internet has presented us to sell more books and make money, then we’re not being very prudent.

Our online income most likely won’t take off like a rocket, though. So do not quit your day job. We’re going to slowly build our side-business online income around our day jobs while keeping the security of our paychecks. This way, we can develop our authorpreneur business the way we want. And won’t have to sell out our dignity and morals for a buck because we’re desperate. It’s good not to be desperate. That’s gives us choices.  And if we do this right, and do it consistently, at some point, our side-hustle and side-income might even match our day job income. That will be pretty cool, won’t it? You know what would be even cooler? For our online revenue to eclipse our day job income. Imagine that…

So, how do we create this online income? Well, first, we’re going to find a niche that we can believe in, and we would fully support because we know that through that niche, we can make the world a better place. We can slowly, but surely, begin developing our life-enhancing products for the world in this niche. But we don’t have to wait until our own products are all the way done before we try to make the world a better place and build an online income stream. Right away, today, we can latch onto the concept of affiliate marketing to start our online income stream.

For affiliate marketing, all we have to do is find some products that we truly believe in. After we have found these products, we research them and learn everything we can about them. This is going to help us down the road to create better products ourselves in that same niche.

And in the meantime, we can put other’s link on our website and in our social media posts. And whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases a product that they’ve been looking for, we get a little piece of that financial pie. Now imagine doing this for multiple products. That would equal numerous income streams. Don’t worry about how small they are. The real magic has been achieved in a passive online income through these streams and future ones.

This is amazing. We don’t even need to have our own products or services yet to make an online income. We can be the middle man or woman promoting others’ products while learning more about the industry and simultaneously creating a few bucks for ourselves. Through this experience, we’re learning the ins and outs of content in our niche, how to market it, and someday how to bring on our own unpaid sales force through others affiliate marketing for us.

This process will also help you grow your own email list of people who are already interested in this market. This is going to really benefit you when you want to do future email blast for a new product that you just put out. Furthermore, think of the relationships and networking opportunities you have with influencers by offering yourself as an affiliate marketer for them.

When online, build a presence. Also, always speak kindly to and of people online. Don’t burn any digital bridges in your pursuit of creating an online income. In addition, take some of your activities for building your online income offline. For example, meet people out for coffee. Go to book signings and go to virtual conferences to learn the newest industry knowledge and skills. We all should be trying to network with the real shakers and movers face to face.

Of course, one shouldn’t forget the previous lessons learned about consulting online for a side income. Nor taking online courses to improve our own knowledge and skills in our online consulting business. It really helps to be an expert at one, or maybe even several of the valuable skills that all online marketers must possess, or pay someone else to do for them.

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