Book Marketing For Authors Blog 38-Nobody is Coming to Save You

Nobody is Coming to Save You


On the surface level, it may look sad that no one is coming to save us. But the truth is that it really isn’t sad. As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing that no one is coming to save us self-publishing indie authors. And it’s actually empowering to finally know the truth.

No one is coming to save us, and that’s a good thing, my friend. It’s empowering! That’s why it’s a good thing. We can finally get busy taking charge of our own life and career paths now. Hey. Life is a do-it-yourself project. And as authorpreneurs, we know that better than most people.

You see, once we realize that no one is coming to save us, it helps us to look around for all the small opportunities that we have right in front of us every day. We don’t have to completely stop dreaming about the big opportunities like being on Oprah’s show or having her put our book on her book club reading list. But at least now, we won’t put all of our eggs in the Oprah basket waiting for her to come to save us.

We now know that most likely, Oprah isn’t coming to save us. So now, what else can we do to move our own career paths and lives forward? See, it’s empowering to know that no one is coming to save us. It’s also empowering to know that life as an authorpreneur is a do-it-yourself project.

I’ve been preaching for many years on how to be lucky. I’ve even written a book called “Feeling Lucky.” As authorpreneurs, we mustn’t wait for the Oprah kind of luck. But instead, create the Dan Blanchard kind of luck.

And what is the Dan Blanchard kind of luck? Well, it’s really quite simple. It’s just shifting your paradigm from sitting back and waiting for someone to bring you luck to you, creating your own luck.

You create your own luck through preparation meeting opportunity. Yup. We authorpreneurs work very hard to prepare ourselves to be ready for whatever is next. And when that next door of opportunity does open, we are prepared well enough from our previous hard work to be able to walk through that authorpreneur door.

After boldly stepping through that opportunity authoring door, we seize the day and seize the opportunity. Hey, maybe after we have done this enough times, Oprah will notice us… But we’re not counting on it. And besides, we’re too busy doing our own thing to be continually focusing on what Oprah is doing or isn’t’ doing.

We authorpreneurs understand that in the end, it’s all about effort. The effort will help us build momentum. Effort will help us keep the momentum going. The effort will overcome our lack of the right connections and financial backing. Effort builds us and our character. In the end, everything we obtain through effort is chiseled into who we are and what we do. And with enough sustained effort, we will eventually do some pretty good things.

Then people will look at us and maybe think we just got lucky. They might wonder who gave us our big break. But the truth is our big break came because we didn’t break under the pressure of immense sustained effort over a long period of time. Our calloused hands became strong hands while developing ourselves as athorpreneurs in this do-it-yourself project.

You see, there is an endless amount of free information out there on the internet that will be very helpful on our authorpreneur journey. But we have to take action. And when we genuinely believe that no one is coming to save us that should be the spark get us moving with a real purpose this time.

We have to be willing to go at it and get a little sweaty and dirty if we have to. We have to be like that man in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talks about. How sad for someone to know neither defeat nor victory. With great effort comes failures. We should know many failures. They are learning opportunities that lesser and more timid souls do not experience. And as authorpreneurs, I think we’re built a little bit better for this do-it-yourself path, right? So let’s do it.

In closing, I have total faith in your abilities as an authorpreneur once you discover that no one is coming to save you. Now get in the arena and get to it!

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