Book Marketing For Authors Blog 39-Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

We self-publishing indie authors are in a pretty good position of having low overhead expenses in our authorpreneurship business. We don’t have to pay rent for a building. We don’t have to have thousands of products lying around in a warehouse somewhere. And we don’t have to continually go to the post office to mail our products out.

Amazon’s print on demand and delivery takes care of a lot of that stuff for us. Furthermore, nor do we have to pay an army of employees. We authorpreneurs can be soloprenuers if we want to. All we need is a computer and a tiny space somewhere in our home to hang our virtual business shingle.

Heck, we could even be digital nomads if we really wanted to. If we don’t have a day job, we could travel the world while working with our authorpreneurship business. From anywhere in the world, we could just bring our laptop into a coffee shop that has Wi-Fi, and we’re back in business. Imagine working for only a few hours a day at coffee shops all around the world.

This authorpreneurship business can be a really cool self-created lifestyle if we’re smart. However, we need to be smart about it. We’ll never be able to achieve the cool, freedom-giving lifestyle we want if a whole bunch of other people have their hands in our pockets. Expenses can crush dreams.

Here’s the deal. Our country was formed on getting the King of England’s hand out of our pocket. No taxation without representation, right? All you Americans out there remember that? Do you remember our hay day, too, of the Golden Age of America in the 1950s?

Well, we Americans were living pretty good back in the 1950s. The men of the family were company men. The company really took care of their people back then. Many families had the latest appliances and a healthy bank account. Family debt was rare, and not much at all when there was some. Credit cards weren’t really around yet. And authors were esteemed.

Then, something happened in America. Credit and credit cards were pushed hard in this county.

Authorpreneurs, debt is not your friend. It takes away your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Debt is an instrument of the rich and powerful to control its subjects and increase its wealth by leaving their hands in your pockets. As authorprenueurs, most of us don’t have very deep pockets. So, we can’t ignore this and just let the debt collector keep his hand in our pockets.

Living that way goes against everything we’re trying to do as an authorpreneru making our own way in this world. It hinders us in trying to make this world a better place. How can we make anything better for anyone when we are someone else’s financial slave? We don’t even have our own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Hey, we have to make a decision. We’re in a field where we could eventually build some financial freedom because we don’t have a lot of overhead if we’re smart about our expenses. Financial freedom can mean so many things to us. It could be a new home, traveling, paying for our grandchildren’s college, or just doing whatever we want.

However, in contrast, though, we’re also a field where we can be at the mercy of others who have to do things for us and drain our bank accounts. With this type of lifestyle, we don’t have any financial freedom.

There is a myriad of things to push our business forward through effort. It’s endless what we can spend our time on for free building our authorpreneurship business. But it’s going to take a lot of work.

However, with the more effort we put in, the more clearly we’ll see the path we are blazing for ourselves. This path will lead to our own life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is how we fall in love with what we do, and then just keep doing it. We could even get to a point where we don’t consider what we do any more to really be work. But, instead, it’s fun. We like it. We love it. We enjoy doing it. It’s our entertainment and our purpose in life.

Now that would be a pretty cool place to be, wouldn’t it?

In closing, I want you to fully live your life according to your own rules and values. Love your liberty. It’s precious. And it’s yours. All yours. And finally, pursue your happiness with everything you have. You deserve a life of joy. An abundance of happiness. And, in the end, it’s all up to you in this authorpreneurship business.

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