Book Marketing For Authors Blog 45-Getting Fired?

Getting Fired?


Too often in life, we fear getting fired. For those of us who are self-publishing indie authors and still depend on our day jobs income, the fear of losing that income is always in the back of our minds. Heck, sometimes it’s even in the front of our minds, isn’t it?

Our employers count on this fear of being fired to keep us in line. Good for them. Not so good for us. To tell you the truth, I think our fear of being fired and thus losing our income, which could really mess up our lives, has probably been blown a little out of proportion. It’s perhaps more in our mind than in our reality.

But, because it could happen, we still perceive it as real, don’t we? Well, I guess in a way, it is real to us because it could happen. But, I think we fear it perhaps a bit too much. And I know I have been guilty of this worrying way too much over my day job, also.

Remember, worrying is a terrible use of our imagination. A much better use of our imagination is to activate our creative genius instead.

And a positive way to use our imagination or creative genius is to do what we authorpreneurs are already doing. But we’re going to add the wrinkle of doing more of it and doing it better.

We should be using our creative genius to create our own financial freedom through a whole bunch of different income streams. If one stream dries up, we’re not worried because we have a bunch more that are flowing and keeping us afloat. This safety net also allows us to take a few more chances, which could release our creative genius even more in both our day job and our side business.

I have preached that Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is right when he says, don’t quit your day job. And don’t get fired from it if you can help it. Keep that income stream, benefits, and security while you build your side business of what you really want to be doing that hopefully can give you true financial freedom someday. I have been doing it for a while now. And I think it makes good sense for a lot of us to be doing the same in these times.

In addition, our side business as authorpreneurs can help us have a few extra bucks, which would be nice because that would give us a few additional choices in life. Maybe someday our authorpreneurship business income will even equal our day job income. That would be really cool, too, because now we can do twice the things we would have been able to do without it. And this also gives us some self-assurance. Our bosses will no longer be able to say to us and do to us whatever they want at our day jobs. Being in this boat is a total confidence booster. And it will show at work and in our daily lives.

And if our authorpreneurship business income exceeds our day job income, then that gives us all sorts of choices, doesn’t it?

Now, again, don’t go out and get fired. But… I have a bunch of friends that did unwillingly get fired. And while it was a terrible, terrible day for them, it was also the push they needed to go out and do what they really wanted to do. And that was to be their own boss where no one could fire them anymore. Some of my friends have gone off and created very successful businesses, and they didn’t even have a business when they were fired. At least we already have a side-business, right? We’re already a leg up on them. So, if they can do it, we can too.

I have personally seen some of my friends blow that myth of us all being dependent on our bosses right out of the water. And that’s a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? So go ahead and strut your stuff at work and in your side businesses a little more. It just might help you get that job promotion at your day job and get more customers in your side-gig.

You see, here’s the deal. The economy has changed. We all should be protecting ourselves with a little side-business with its financial advantages of the tax write-offs. So, pat yourself on the back for being an authorpreneur. You’re building some financial independence, and you’re protecting yourself some against the world spinning the wrong way, which it does from time to time.

Hey, it’s just a fact, CEOs make mistakes sometimes. They’re only human, so mistakes are inevitable. And sometimes, when CEOs make mistakes, companies go under. And then everyone loses their jobs to no fault of their own. This is a terrible thing when it happens. But, if you have been building your author side-business, then you’re insulating yourself some against tragedies like this.

Protect yourself by preparing yourself. Build your network. Build your side-business. And increase those income streams. And if the worst-case scenario does happen, you can survive. If the best-case scenario happens, you have financial freedom. And that’s a beautiful place to be, wouldn’t you agree?

Hey, making money online is a good thing. It brings you to a whole new place where you have a bunch of new options. It gives you better choices because now you’re a little more dependent on yourself and a little less dependent on your boss. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It sure does. But don’t quit your day job or get fired yet. Save that day for when you really want to quit or get fired…

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