Book Marketing For Authors Blog 51-Idea and Product Creation

Idea and Product Creation


I have always preached that we first must be prolific readers before we can become prolific writers. I have also continuously reminded people over the years that we all need to read everything we can read and talk to every person that we meet.

You see, there is this very simple dynamic out there. Everyone is different and unique. So, every person we meet, we can learn something from them, as well as teach them something too. It’s a give and take. And that’s how the world is supposed to work.

So, while we self-published indie authors are going through our day reading everything we can and speaking to all we meet, a lot of great ideas will come to mind. We shouldn’t trust our memories here. All of us should have a way of jotting down these fleeting ideas before they leave us.

There have been times when I have excused myself and went to the bathroom to write down an idea that came to me in a conversation with someone. I know this seems kind of weird, but it’s effective. I have a lot of great ideas in my little notebook that I keep with me at all times. Yup, I’m a nerd. I keep a mini-notebook and a pen in my pocket everywhere I go. Hey, you never know when a great idea is going to pop up.

I do the same thing while I’m reading, and so should you. We shouldn’t just passively read. Yes. Reading is great. But actively reading and taking notes on what we learn is even better. From the greats, who have written down their lives, we can borrow some of their life experiences and tweak it to fit our modern-day needs by just reading and jotting down our thoughts. How cool is that? It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Another thing we can do is research. Maybe we hop onto Amazon and see what is selling there. When we find something that is hot, is there a way we can tweak it to make it different and make it ours? Is there a way we can contribute and help this segment of society through our own unique experiences and knowledge? Hmm…

Also, when I find myself running into the same problem over and over again, I figure other people must also be running into this problem, right? So, maybe this is an area where we should do some more digging and see what the solutions are out there. Then we should consider if there is any way our unique life-experiences can contribute to the solutions. Maybe we can make others’ lives easier when they too are in this situation.

In the beginning, we may have to just tag along for a while with the solution until we gain enough experience, knowledge, and skills to put our own twist on it. What am I talking about my authorpreneurs? Well, I’m talking about affiliate marketing, of course.

If we’re running into a challenge over and over. And someone else has a solution that we like at this moment in our lives, then we can just tag along with it by becoming an affiliate marketer of that idea or product solution. We can even get paid for being an affiliate marketer here as well. Later on, when we know more, maybe we tweak it and come up with our own idea or product…

Hang with me for a moment here. Going all the way back to high school, I was voted most optimistic. And that senior superlative has stuck with me for most of my life. So, I’m going to tell you that when we’re coming up with our idea or product, I think it should be something that adds to our lives, rather than takes away from our lives. I’m always more about adding value, rather than taking things away from someone.

For example, I wouldn’t come up with a product or idea on how to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s just not me. I would do something like add some kind of value to your health through working out. And when you’re feeling better about yourself and love working out, you’ll probably quit smoking on your own. The quitting behavior will be your own decision, not something I pushed on to you.

In addition, let’s think about the business side here. If we do come up with quitting ideas and products, then our customers will probably only use our product or idea once. When they quit, they are done with us. They don’t need us anymore. Thus, they don’t need to invest in our ideas or products anymore either.

But, when we add value, by adding behaviors, changing behavior, substituting behaviors, we give our customers plenty of reason to keep coming back to us, right? We can also create a whole bunch of follow-up products, which will mean more income streams, correct?

Now, if our product is a book, then we can write a follow-up book or books. We can write a series. If our idea or product is some kind of informational product that is not a book, well then, we could write a book or series of books about that too. And if our idea or product is an actual physical product like a piece of workout equipment, well then, we could write a book or books about that too. There are a whole bunch of income streams here for us authorpreneurs if we do it right, right?

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