Book Marketing For Authors Blog 53-Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking


I had a friend who made $10,000 in one month through this strategy of launch jacking. I don’t use it. I’m not that comfortable with it. But hey, my buddy made $10,000 in one month doing this. And there is nothing illegal about making money off of this strategy of launch jacking. So, maybe this is for you, or perhaps it isn’t. That choice is yours to make.

So how does this work? Well, if you decide to do this, you begin with making a webpage or a landing page, or even a YouTube channel. Then you call it the same name as an upcoming product launch that you know is going to be a big hit. The only thing you do differently with your link is that you put the word “review” or “bonus” at the end of the link address for the domain.

So you create this domain name with review or bonus on the end of it for something that one of the big boys or girls in your industry is about to do. And then, people click on your link because they see the other big name from your industry. Some may notice that you’re not the influencer, but will still click on it because it looks like this is added value to something they are already interested in.

And that’s what you do. You add value to this awesome product or service that is coming out from one of the big boys or girls. Just your review of their product or service alone is a good way to add value to what they’re already doing. And once people go through your page and are pumped up about the product or service from the popular person in your industry, they will then click on the link on the bottom of the page, and you will get a sale.

Most of the big boys and girls of your niche will be fine with this because it could bring in additional sales for them. However, there will be some people out there that will think you’re stealing sales from them. And they will be mad at you. Whether or not you’re stealing sales from them is a complicated question that could be debated for a very long time. So, again, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and figure out how far you want to go with this one.

I struggle a lit bit with ethics here. And I don’t like how I have no control over this product or service. Hey, even the big boys go bust sometimes. And if they do flounder, then I put all this work into their stuff instead of my stuff. I’d rather bet on myself. But maybe you see it differently.

Now don’t get this confused with affiliate marketing. During affiliate marketing, you get a piece of the sale. In launch jacking, you could possibly get all of the sale. That’s why some call this stealing sales. However, some of the influencers are still okay with this because it’s giving them more exposure. Additional exposure could result in better branding, better relationships, and the eventual purchase of their big-ticket items…

Now don’t ever get too clever here and think you can add the word “Scam” to the domain name. Some will do this to get a whole bunch of clicks. Once they’re on your “scam” page, I know you don’t intend to cause them any harm or say the influencer is scamming them. I know you just want to give prospects added value as in the review or something like that. And then you’re hoping that they click on your link so you can get a sale, right?

While this may get you more clicks, it’s going to make the influencers angry because some people are going to begin associating their name with the word “scam.” And that is bad for their brand and for their business. If you do this, you’ll actually be causing them harm so you can benefit. And that’s not okay in any one’s book. And I’m certainly hoping you’re not thinking about traveling down that dark road of hurting others so you can get ahead.

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