Book Marketing For Authors Blog 6-Thinking in Abundance

Thinking in Abundance

 Have you ever heard of the saying that thoughts become things? Well, guess what? They do. Most things that you think about in a deep, concentrated effort over a sustained period, usually come true. Well, at least in some ways they come true. So, if thoughts become things, then we need to guard our thoughts and train our brains to only think in abundance and in the good stuff we’re going to do and become. We will kick negative thinking and scarcity thinking that holds us down right out of our minds. This is going to help us embark on our new journey, or maybe continued journey as self-publishing indie authors.

Sadly, people can sense or maybe even smell a scarcity mindset. When we approach people with a scarcity mindset, they won’t hire us, and won’t buy our books. They will pay us less, will pass us over for promotions, and will even date someone else. We have to get rid of our scarcity mindset if we want to succeed. A scarcity mindset is an awful thing. And an abundance mindset is an awesome thing.

If we don’t take charge of our mindset right now, our scarcity mindset will affect our thinking. Then our thinking will affect our behaviors. This will then change the way others perceive us. We’re actually self-sabotaging ourselves with our scarcity mindset.

Something that helps us stay in the abundance thinking and out of the scarcity trap is to keep our day jobs. It helps a lot when we have a job that is already paying our bills. Self-publishing is a good side-hustle. It’s also a slow, steady, long-game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. So take it slow, don’t spend too much, keep your day job income, and you should be able to avoid a lot of that scarcity mindset. However, if we jump both feet in right away and find ourselves having trouble paying our bills, then the scarcity mindset easily overwhelms us and sabotages our efforts going forward.

Hey, we all have an inner-genius inside of us. And in time, it will come out. However, if we’re worrying about selling more books because we have bills to pay, it causes us to worry. And worrying is a terrible use of our imagination. There are so many better ways to use our imagination in creating the kind of life we want to live.

Don’t share your problems with others. Don’t talk about your problems with others, especially ones that you’re trying to do business with. People don’t like problems. They prefer to move away from pain and toward pleasure. Nobody wants to come and save you, but they all want to ride in the limo with you. Heck, come to think of it, don’t even talk to your inner-self about your problems. You don’t want you abandoning you… Trust me, we don’t want to reinforce our problems with ourselves.

So get moving. Get successful. Light it all up by all that you’re doing. People are attracted to people who don’t need them. So, become that kind of person by thinking abundance and hustling hard. So, now the question becomes… Have you started any of the things mentioned above yet?

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