Book Marketing For Authors Blog 7-Moving Beyond the 9-5 Mindset to Collect Passive Income

Moving Beyond the 9-5 Mindset to Collect Passive Income


Passive income is the golden ticket we all want. Passive income is that income that weaves itself into our bank accounts while we sleep at night. It’s that money that finds its way into our bank accounts while we went to the beach. It’s money that keeps coming long after we stopped working. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Heck yeah! It sounds awesome. So, where do we get passive income from?

Well, to name just a few, we indie authors could get it from the sales of a book we wrote a while back. We could get some passive income coming in from our old blogs through advertisement, or people clicking on links we have in them. Passive income could also come from articles we wrote back some time ago. And online courses, along with whatever other informational products we created could be our passive income. Also, think of it this way; any informational products that we create today could be future passive income. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s empowering.

Hey, listen, I’m an educator. My day job is as a teacher. I’m totally entrenched in the 9-5, or maybe I should say 7-5 work culture. And as you know, I do not promote quitting your day job to become an author. Our day jobs are what pays our bills and give us health insurance. It also gives us personal assurances that we won’t get stuck in that scarcity trap of being just a struggling author. However, as an indie author also, we have to make room in our minds for a passive income stream too. Remember, time in does not always equal value added. And as self-published authors with informational products, we are adding value to people’s lives through our authorpreneurship that takes place around our 9-5 jobs.

All of us have to move beyond just the 9-5 mindset and make room for a passive income. And one way to do this is to begin writing or begin writing again. It doesn’t matter what your job is. You don’t have to be a teacher like me to create informational products. Every single profession out there could have some informational products written about them. And you could be the person who writes them. This will move you closer to making room for a passive income stream in your life.

Creating a passive income stream can be done around your day job. You can do this writing or creation of informational products that will bring you a passive income during early mornings before your job as I do. Or you could do it late nights if you’re more of a night owl. You could even do it on weekends, holidays, vacation days, summers, or whenever you want. You could do it during your lunch break if you had to. You can also do it in the car while driving to work by dictating into your phone. If you want to do this badly enough, you can find a way to do it. No excuses. Remember, we want to get beyond the 9-5 and move closer to that passive income being a big part of our lives, too.

What are your thought patterns? What are your limiting beliefs? What is keeping you from making room in your life right alongside your 9-5 for a passive income stream? Just because you’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean you should still continue to do that something a certain way. And just because everyone else is doing something in a certain way, doesn’t mean they’re right, or that their way is the best fit for you…  Break through your limiting beliefs. Be innovative. And let others out there know what you’re trying to do. Who knows which one of them right there in front of you, can help… Or what you’re capable of.

Sometimes you can tie the work you’re doing toward passive income right into your day job. Your passive income stream doesn’t have to be something entirely different from what we do during the day. As a matter of fact, being in a particular profession for a bunch of years gives us credibility beyond someone who doesn’t walk the walk in their writing. On the other side of that coin, writing about what we do during the day might catch our bosses’ attention and be seen as us having more competence. And it may result in promotions and pay raises. This, too, could then feed your credibility again in the world of the informational products because now you have a more prominent title at your 9-5. Hmm… It seems like a win-win to me. What do you think?


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