Book Marketing For Authors Blog 71- Habits of Success

Habits of Success


Set your alarm clock. Yup. Getting up earlier is one of the secret habits of success. Just ask one of our greatest Americans, Benjamin Franklin. Didn’t he say something about the one that gets up early is the one that gets the worm?

Listen, my self-publishing indie authors, you all know that I’ve talked about how our authorpreneurship business isn’t a sprint and how it’s a marathon. Slow and steady and wins the race, right? Well, getting up a half-hour or even an hour earlier than we are right now and making that our new time to rise and get at ‘em, is one of the habits of success.

Imagine if we had one more, uninterrupted, quiet hour of work every day of the week. That would give us seven more hours a week for our authorpreneur business. And since these seven hours would be taking place in the quiet early mornings without the usual interruptions from the world, we should be more efficient during those ideal work conditions.

These seven hours under these calm conditions are really like eight hours. So, with that kind of math, eight more hours a week is like having one extra workday in our week that other people don’t have. And with one more eight-hour workday magically appearing in every week, how could we not become more successful, right?

Now, if we’re going to get up an hour earlier, we’ll have to compensate for this somewhere with other habits of success.

To get up earlier, maybe we’re going to go to bed a little bit earlier… Perhaps we’re going to get better nutrition to give us the extra energy we need to work longer and more efficiently… Maybe we’re going to be more cognizant about staying hydrated by drinking water as soon as we wake up and continuing throughout the day… Perhaps we’re going to make sure we get some exercise every day… Or… maybe we’re going to do all of these habits of success so we can be that well-oiled working machine who is kicking butt as an authorpreneur…

So, setting our alarm clock is a good thing, but to bring it to the next level, we have to also use the success habit of scheduling.

Our mind and body crave a routine. So, let’s give them what they desire. Through scheduling or creating a routine, we can become more efficient and proficient in what we do. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Always make good use of your time through scheduling. If you find yourself in the car for large blocks of time, then find a way to make that time more valuable for you and your authorpreneurship business.

Perhaps you return phone calls during this downtime of driving your car… Are you brave enough to do some cold calling during this time? How about listening to audiobooks? I call my car, automobile university. I have probably listened to a thousand books in my car, and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon, or ever. Imagine how much we can learn just driving around in our cars listening to educational material…

How about this habit of success? What do you think of dictating your next book into your phone as you’re driving? What about getting to work, an appointment, or wherever you’re going a few minutes early. And then making a video on your phone on your thoughts about an audiobook or podcast you were just listening to. Heck, you could even do a video testimony or book review for an influencer and build your network and relationships with movers and shakers.

Setting the alarm clock and scheduling our day to make the most of every minute are vital habits of success that all of us authorpreneurs should be utilizing. And another important habit of success is being kind to everyone we meet.

I spend a lot of my day reminding my inner-city school students to always be kinder than they have to be. Most of them just don’t get it. Neither do a lot of the adults in this world. Too many people think kindness is a sign of weakness, especially in the business world. Well, they are very wrong.

Kindness opens all sorts of doors. Come on, people… this is sales 101. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. It’s that simple.

Plus, kindness helps us enjoy our days more and travel through this world with a better disposition. Kindness helps us smile more and be happier because it feels good to be kind and help others.

Also, people like people who are kind. People are drawn toward those who smile a lot and are friendly. Try it. Today, be kinder than you have to be. And then see if you’re feeling a little better about the world when you lay your head on the pillow tonight. I think you will.

When you feel better about the world, you’ll feel better about your authorpreneurship business. Other people will notice this, and want to have a little bit of what you have. So, naturally, they’ll begin associating with you more, which will build your network, and maybe even your customer base.


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