Book Marketing For Authors Blog 72- Making Sales with Webinars

Making Sales with Webinars


Webinars are a nice simple structure for us self-publishing indie authors to put our message out there. They help people become more familiar with who we are and what we do in our authorpreneur world. It’s another tool we can use to create more sales and build our business.

Webinars are a virtual event! People love events, right?

Don’t you love to go to a concert, ball game, book signing, or conference?

While webinars are not actually an in-person event, webinars can give us a little bit of that ‘event’ excitement in the virtual world. And anything we can do to create a little buzz about us and what we do is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? Also, anything we can do to elevate people’s feelings and emotions toward us, and what we do is a good thing, right?

During this virtual event of a webinar, we can actually interact with our audience. In real-time, while we’re speaking about who we are and what we do that will benefit our market, our audience can ask us questions through typing them in the window.

In real-time, we can stop and answer their questions as if we were standing before them in a room. This real-time interaction is a very cool thing. And it’s great for building relationships and encouraging people to take that next step in the buying process of our products and services.

In addition, if people really enjoyed our webinar, they can go back and experience the effects again through our replays. Also, if someone’s schedule didn’t allow them to attend our webinar at the time we were doing it, they can experience it through the replays. Those who got crazy busy and just forgot about it will get a follow up from us and have another opportunity to watch it.

Since our webinar is a virtual event, it will be out there on the web forever. This is a great feature that is very useful to us authorprenuers. Think about it. When we do an in-person event. The number of people who can experience our talk is only the people who can travel to that location at that time. Virtual webinars don’t have to worry about that restriction of time and place.

When we do LIVE events, once our presentation is over, it’s over. Only the people who were in the audience at that exact time got to experience who we are and what we do. But, with virtual webinars, the single effort we make to put on a webinar can pay off time after time for years to come. People only have to click on that link, and then they can see that exact webinar, regardless of how long ago it was that we did that LIVE event.

Pretty cool, huh? A great sales tool, too, wouldn’t you agree?

Webinars also help us build one of our most important business assets of all-time. They help us enlargen our email list. Every time we do a webinar, the people who want to watch that webinar will willingly give us their email so we can send them the link to view it.

If we do one webinar that a lot of people are very excited about, we’re going to end up with a lot of people on our email list. We can cultivate a relationship with these people and sell our products and services for many more years to come.

Now imagine the residual benefits if we do a whole bunch of awesome webinars… Hmm… I got you thinking, don’t I?

Now, I know the thought of the technology to run a webinar seems scary. It sure did for me. But don’t worry about it. We authorpreneurs can learn anything we put our minds to.

So, we can learn how to do webinars. Well, we can watch videos to learn. We can spend time on the phone with customer service for the webinar software that we invested in. The point I’m trying to make is that we all can do this.

Now, if your legs are still shaking, then follow the easy road that I did. Just hook up with people who are already doing webinars. There are others out there who have already made the financial investment in the software packages. They have learned the technology. Just hook up with them and get onto their webinars. Co-host with them. There’s safety in numbers, right?

Co-hosting webinars is a great place to be and a wonderful way to start this webinar adventure that will lead to more credibility and more books sold. If the co-hosting thing is good, then ride that wave for as long as it makes sense.

However, if you feel your courage growing, maybe you can become the sole host of the webinar. Or perhaps you can start your own webinar. The opportunities are only limited by our imagination and courage.

Okay, finally, keep this in mind for your webinars. Like everything else, keep it as simple as you can. We all heard of KISS, right? Keep it simple silly. Some say stupid, but I’d rather say silly. Follow this sage advice and keep the webinar simple by keeping the structure simple.

Our structure for our webinars should just simply consist of these three things. First, teach something. Second, try to sell something. Third, answer questions.

It really is that simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Good luck!


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