Book Marketing For Authors Blog 78- Repurposing



We shouldn’t have to recreate the wheel every time we want to create something new in our self-publishing indie authoring world. When we learn to repurpose, we will be on the right track to becoming real authorpreneurs.

So, what is repurposing? Well, it really is quite simple. It’s the same philosophy of not recreating the wheel if we don’t have to. Many of us are already familiar with this concept. Sometimes we don’t have to do all ‘new’ work when trying to put our out next product or service.

Many times repurposing is as simple as just looking around at what we have already done and figuring out a way to tweak it or reconfigure it into a new product or service. This type of repurposing saves us so much time.

For example, did you know that writing a blog could be preliminary work for writing a book? Through writing a blog, we could have a lot of content for a book on that same material already done.

In addition, we could take those blog posts and spray them all over social media instead of taking extra time to come up with new material for social media posts.

Think about it. Through repurposing our blog content, we could have a bunch of social media posts. We can also have conversations with our audience, and then later a book from the material in our blog with some tweaking.

That content gave us at least three products or services of social media posts, blogs, and a book. And what if we decide to use that content also for a speech? We have plenty of ideas for marketing, too, if we repurpose.

Only our imagination keeps us from coming up with endless products and services from repurposing.

Okay, here is another example of repurposing our content. When we’re coming up with a book cover, why not share that in our social media posts? The work we’re going to have to do anyway in creating a book cover can be repurposed into a bunch of different social media posts. It can also suck in our audience because now they feel like they have a say in our book cover. They’ve invested something in it. Their voice and time.

And if we write a series, we can repurpose that book cover by making a few small tweaks. We could easily have a new cover for book two, book three, and any other books we write in that series. We don’t have to start the whole arduous process all over again with each book cover if we tweak the original and put it in a series.

Pretty cool, huh? Is your mind beginning to wander into all the possibilities yet?

Have you ever given a speech, my authorpreneurs? Well, how about repurposing that speech? There have been times when I gave a speech that I had someone take pictures for my social media posts and marketing efforts. I have also had people video record it for my YouTube channel. I have even had people audio record it and then transcribe it. Then I used that content for a blog and later, a book. We could use it for an online course. Trust me, a lot of products and services can come out repurposing the content of one’s speech.

Any of you ever written any newspaper or magazine articles? We authorpreneurs can take the content from that and repurpose it to our own blogs on this topic. Then we can repurpose it into videos. Then we can repurpose it into vlogs (video blogs). From there, we can repurpose that into social media posts and email marketing. We can also use the pictures from that article.

Speaking of pictures, we can repurpose the images we already have on Pinterest and Instagram. We can make slides from them and put them into SlideShare presentations. How about including them in our next speech? We can use those pictures in our blogs and social media posts on other social media channels. We could use those pictures in our books. It’s endless how we can repurpose images that we already have.

With some imagination, it’s endless how we can repurpose what we’re already doing. We could save ourselves a ton of time. And we can rapidly pop out those products and services for our authorpreneur business.

Repurposing can make it look like we are doing everything, everywhere. And when people continuously see us, they begin to feel like they know us some. And we all know that people prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

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