Book Marketing For Authors Blog 79- Being Everywhere

Being Everywhere


A great way to appear everywhere self-publishing indie authors is through repurposing our content and using social media.

Regarding repurposing, previously, we talked about not recreating the wheel. But to just look at what you’re already doing and figuring out other ways to tweak it and use it in other ways and other places.

Now for social media, I’m sure my authorpreneurs have heard of it and are already using it in their branding and marketing campaigns for their products and services. Here I will give you a little more information and advice on how to use social media, so it appears that you are everywhere.

Being everywhere is a good thing in this business. The more people see us on social media, the more they’re going to feel like they know us. And that’s a great first step to take in helping them out and getting them to purchase our products and services.

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. So, we want to be on as many social media platforms as possible. Now, I know there is no way we can be experts on all the social media platforms out there. But, we do have time to put a profile on a bunch of them. We also have time to just copy and paste the same post across multiple platforms, too.

Some activity is better than no activity. And who knows where our next customer will come from. If our next prospect spends all their time on Pinterest and they never see us there, they will probably never know who we are. And they won’t ever buy any of our products and services because they don’t even know we exist.

If our next potential customer is on LinkedIn and hears about us through the grapevine. They’ll probably look us up. If we have a profile on LinkedIn and are at least slightly active, they may take the next step to purchase from us. If they can’t find us on LinkedIn, they may be just too busy to go elsewhere to search for us.

I know none of us authorpreneurs have the time to kick butt on all the social media channels. But we can and should at least have a profile and a little bit of a presence across the board. And at the same time, we need to learn to become proficient on the social media channel where we think most of our prospects will come from.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Most days, quickly spray something across your myriad of social media channels, but spend most of your social media time mastering one platform. This will take some time for you to become really good and dominate a platform, but we can all do it.

Once we have established ourselves a real presence and practically have that social media platform on auto-pilot, step over to the next closest social media platform. Then spend time there mastering that one.

Then, rinse and repeat. It’s sort of like island hopping. Control and own one, and then hop over to the next one and spend time learning how to dominate that one, too. Then move on again to your next piece of virtual real estate.

This social media strategy will give a lot of people great opportunities to find us. When we’re hopping from one platform to another, let’s try to bring our social media followers from the previous platform to the new one.

Bringing our followers with us will give our people more opportunities to see our posts. We may have some followers on Facebook who don’t see our post today. They may not see it on LinkedIn either. But then they log into their Twitter accounts at the right time. The algorithm was aligned like the stars, and bam, there is our Twitter post right in front of them.

Hey, maybe it’s Twitter today where they saw us. Perhaps it’s Instagram tomorrow where they will see us. The following day, maybe it’s YouTube where they bump into you.

You want to know how they’re beginning to feel about us? They’re starting to think that we’re all over the place. We are everywhere. And because we seem to be everywhere, we must be real, and we must know what we’re talking about, right?

Hey, all of this adds up to us looking like an expert. And experts get a lot of business.


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