Book Marketing For Authors Blog 8- Learning While Earning Money

Learning While Earning Money


One of the secrets to making it easier to learn while earning money is to keep your day job. Your day job gives you some security and will hopefully keep you out of that scarcity mindset trap. With our day job income still flowing, it makes it easier to learn new things that could provide us with some additional side-income. Keeping the security of our day job paychecks helps us to be braver and more willing to experiment on learning authoring and marketing services. These newly acquired skills can benefit us in making money on our books, as well as helping others through these services, which can make us even more money. It’s authorpreneurship at its finest for us self-publishing indie authors.

All of us, indie authors, should be accepting speeches when they come our way. This is a great thing for us authorpreneurs, even if speaking in public scares the heck out of us, and it’s something that we would rather not do. Accepting speeches is forced learning while being paid. It forces us to learn something we write about well enough to speak about it. It also sometimes forces us to learn something new sufficiently to talk about it.

Speaking not only gives us a new income stream, but it improves our credibility and name recognition. It simultaneously markets us, which could lead to other opportunities. It also helps us sell books both at the back of the room and over the net, which probably wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t speak. Professional Speaking is a great way to learn while earning some money. Finally, learning enough about something to speak about it gives us insights on what informational products to create next. And it helps us figure out how to better market what we’re already doing. It’s a total win-win, wouldn’t you say so?

We also should be accepting online marketing jobs for online marketing skills that we want to learn. Yup. You heard me correct. These are jobs for skills that we don’t yet have. I know. That sounds crazy. And you’re probably wondering how we are supposed to do something that we don’t know how to do, right? So, here is the secret. First, figure out which online marketing skill you really want to learn. Then go find someone that needs that service and bill them $2000 to do it for them. Get half the money upfront and use it to take a course on that topic. Next, quickly apply your newly learned skills to your project for your customer. Collect the rest of the money. And wallah! You now have new expertise to help your own marketing efforts and charge others for that service, as well. And you didn’t even pay for that schooling. Pretty cool, huh?

It would be beneficial if we could find a way to stop thinking in the present reality, but instead stretch ourselves to believe in the realm of future possibilities. Having someone else pay for our learning, as mentioned above, is gutsy. And it’s not easy, but it’s possible. Another possibility that will teach us a ton is creating our own business. If we start our own business, I guarantee you that we’ll learn more than we knew was possible. Heck, maybe someday, our company will equal or even overtake our day job incomes. And until it does, we at least have a nice tax write-off. See, we’re already making money, even when we don’t know it yet. Hey, money saved, like in taxes, is extra money in our pocket. That’s just like earning it. Hey, money in our pockets is money in our pockets. And sometimes it’s easier to save it than earn it.

With our newfound money, we could then next get into paid traffic like Amazon Ads or Facebook Ads. Don’t worry, you can start small with just $5 a day. Then you would continually tweak these ads as you’re learning what works and what doesn’t. You’re probably not going to make a lot of money here at first. But that’s okay, especially if you’re doing it with the newfound cash you saved in taxes or from another side-hustle.

In addition, as you’re going through this learning process of paid traffic, consider it as an investment in your education that can also help you sell your books. Furthermore, consider it cheap or even free advertising if you’re breaking even or just a little behind. And if you get good at it… It could help make you a lot of money and become a service that you charge others for. Hey, that’s what earning while learning is all about, isn’t it?


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