Book Marketing For Authors Blog 82- Increasing Facebook Engagement

Increasing Facebook Engagement


All of us self-published indie authors would love for our Facebook posts to go viral, wouldn’t we? Of course, we would! For this to happen, though, we have to create shareable content. Now I know this is a lot easier said than done. If it was easy, we’d all be going viral, right?

Well, a strategy we could use to help our posts become more shareable is to resize our pictures. Have you ever seen one of your pictures getting cut off some on Facebook? Cut-off images lose some of their impact. So resize those pictures for full effect and better engagement on Facebook, my authorpreneurs. After all, I know we have all heard how a picture is worth a thousand words. So, let’s not cut it down to 600 words, okay?

Having a great headline is vital for Facebook engagement, like it is for everywhere else, too. Great headlines are worth their weight in gold. Most people only look at headlines, and if it doesn’t catch their attention immediately, they move on to something else. We need great headlines in our Facebook posts that cause people to pause and consider what we’re offering them.

There are some tools out there that could help us improve our headlines. There are headlines generators and headline testers that we can utilize to make sure we have better and more engaging headlines for our Facebook posts.

Many of us forget to include our call-to-action in our Facebook posts. A call to action is engagement at its best, yet many of us forget to use it to engage our people. You see, here is the thing, a lot of people will engage with us because they like us, but they’re not sure what to do next. When we tell them how to engage with us as in what action to take next, many will. But, they usually have to be told how and what action to take in engaging with us.

So, at the end of every Facebook post, we need to tell them how to act and what to do next through our call-to-action. Our call-to-action could be as simple as reminding them to ‘Like’ our post. Or maybe we ask them to ‘Comment’ on our post. Perhaps we ask them to ‘Share’ our post with their network and friends. We could even ask them to ‘Click on the link’ to invest in our products and services or even to just get more information. These are all simple call-to-actions that get people to engage with us, and our Facebook posts more often.

Many years ago, I gave a speech about how variety is the spice of life. I still believe that is true today. We need to mix up what we’re putting out for our Facebook posts so we can engage with a variety of people at different levels. We don’t want to just put out videos. Nor do we want all picture quotes, or stats, or anything that’s all the same. We need to mix up what we put out for post so we can keep it fresh and exciting while helping others engage with our posts on some level.

Another neat little trick to use on Facebook to become more engaging that is simple is to use old content at different times. So, here it is. We don’t always need to recreate the wheel. A lot of our old content is still good content. So, go ahead and re-post it. Just do it at a different time of the day than you usually post.

Don’t worry. Remember, Facebook has an algorithm where most people don’t see our posts. And if we’re posting this one at a different time of the day, chances are that different people who keep different schedules will be on Facebook at those different times. They will see your posts for the first time. And now, you have new people to engage with on Facebook. Isn’t that great?

Finally, always keep an eye on what the influencers are doing on Facebook to get better engagement. Any time we feel interested in something that they are putting out there, we are being successfully engaged by them. This is a good thing. Whatever engagement strategy they are utilizing is working. Now, all we have to do is figure out what it is.

A trick to figuring out how these movers and shakers are engaging us with their Facebook posts is to reverse engineer it. We may have to jump into their pipeline and then follow it backwards to see how it all works. Once we have a better understanding of what they are doing to engage us, we can play around with some of the same strategies they’re using to make our own Facebook posts more engaging.

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