Book Marketing For Authors Blog 92- Making Some Money this Month

Making Some Money this Month


I know making money through our authoring business can be very frustrating for all of us self-publishing indie authors. We try and try, and so little seems to come from it. From time to time, we wonder if we’re really just hobbyists instead of authorpreneurs. Sometimes, the money is so slow to flow, right?

Trust me, I totally understand what you’re going through. Making money is hard in this business. Just believing you can make money in this business is hard, too. And it’s especially difficult when everyone tells us that only the top 5% of authors truly make money. We begin to wonder if we’re good enough to be in that top 5%. Sometimes, we doubt that we’re good enough to be in that top 5%. And even worse, sometimes we walk away thinking that this business is just too tough.

Hey, guess what? If one person can make money in this business, so can another. We have to begin with our mindset that we can make money as an authorpreneur. If we don’t have this mindset, then we’re stacking the cards against ourselves. And aren’t at least we supposed to be on our own side. So, let’s not help the doubters or haters or the universe that is trying to conspire against us. Instead, let’s get on our own team and believe we can make money in this business.

Better yet, let’s get the mindset that not only can we make money in this business, but we can make money this month!

So, if your own writing, books, informational products, and services aren’t bringing in any money yet, then maybe you should consider taking a ghostwriting job this month. Through ghostwriting, you can have someone else pay you to write for them. Ghostwriting is usually associated with books, which will probably take more than a month to write. But don’t worry, you can still ghostwrite some blogs or articles for others who can pay you this month for your writing. In addition, if you ghostwrite an eBook, that could be a lot smaller, and perhaps you could finish it this month and make a few bucks off of that too.

Another way to write for someone else for a few bucks this month that would be even easier than ghostwriting is to write for one of the article mills. You won’t make a ton of money, but you could maybe pull in ten cents a word. Write enough words, and it could add up. And think about all the words you’ve written for yourself already, which still haven’t paid you ten cents per word for yet. Hopefully, someday it will, but in the meantime, writing for an article mill this month will help you make some money.

So, going back to that mindset of believing you can make some money this month in your authorpreneurship business. Ghostwriting, and using an article mill to write for money right now can help build your confidence. Once you make money in these two places, your mind won’t help but wander and wonder where else it can write for money this month.

Is your mind wandering and wondering yet? Good. Are you beginning to have a shift in your mindset in that you can make some money this month? Good again. Has your mind gone on to think about how to eliminate the middle man with these writing mills? Cool.

Well, let me venture you down another path here to make some money this month. What if you could remove the middle man, and did it all on your own to write for others for money this month? Can it be done? Sure it can.

Head over to FIVERR or any of the other places like Upwork that people go to pay money for services done for them. You could be the person on FIVERR that people go to and pay this month for things that they need to be done in their authoring and publishing business. Since you’ve been doing these things for a while now, you could easily do it for others at Upwork and get paid this month.

Some other places you could make some money this month is through affiliate links or speeches. Or perhaps you can make some money off of your own products and services, especially if you offer some kind of sale or creative bundling.

The bottom line is that is one person can make money this month, so can you. With imagination and determination, your mindset will shift to prosperity and abundance instead of scarcity. So go get that money you kick-butt money-making authorpreneur.

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