Book Marketing For Authors Blog 93- Make Even More Money This Month

Make Even More Money This Month


More work done means more possibilities of income streams, right my self-publishing indie authors? Every book, informational product, and service we provide has a chance to become a constant and steady drip of money into our bank accounts. None of these income streams have to be gushing streams of dollars into our accounts for us to do well. Our account will always have something in them if we have a bunch of little income streams feeding our bank account as long as we’re smart about our spending. The other beautiful thing about a bunch of tiny income streams is that if one dries up, it doesn’t hurt as much because we’re well-diversified.

Now, I already know we’re all working very hard. So, how do we work even more so we can produce even more? Well, believe it or not, it’s not always about working longer. Many times it’s about working smarter. Yup. We need to figure out ways to do more work in the same amount of time or even less. We have to work more efficiently so we can create as many income streams as possible while still enjoying a quality of life.

We have to find ways to write faster. However, the good thing is that the more we write, the better we get at it. So we’ll just naturally write more quickly as we progress in our authorpreneurship business. And that will mean more and faster-developing income streams for our company.

Another way to write faster is to use templates. If you really think about it. Most successful books follow a particular pattern or formula. If you’ve read enough books, you’ve probably noticed this. Just think of the hero’s journey. It’s a specific process that is repeated over and over with different names, different places, and different circumstances, but the same pattern. So, if we use a template that follows one of the patterns of successful book writing, we should be able to write more efficiently and thus pop out books faster, too, right?

We also have to make better use of the hours in our day. Is it possible to write in the morning? Can we get up 30 minutes earlier and pop off a half-hour of writing before starting our day? How about lunchtime? Can we eat and write during that half-hour lunch break? Where else in our day can we find time to write that we’re not presently taking advantage of?

The more often we use these idle times of found-time to write, the more writing we’ll be able to squeeze into a single day. And the faster we’re generating the income-producing books and other informational products that could pay us even more money this month.

Here’s an interesting way some people are using to write money-producing books quicker. Some people are dictating their next book into their phone while they are doing something else. There are authorpreneurs who are driving their cars down the road to their next appointment or day job, or wherever they’re going, and they are talking into their phone recording their next book.

Some are doing it during their morning or evening walk. How’s that for the old Greek values of mind and body. Get out, get some fresh air, sunshine, some exercise, and dictate your next book into your phone while walking. Now that’s a good use of your time, wouldn’t you agree?

Spend some time this month on your website and blog also. Updating your site and improving its search engine optimization (SEO) will help people find you easier. Hopefully, they will buy something from you or hire you to write for them or even ask for your done-for-you-services.

Also, spend some time on your blog. Write more blogs and make sure it’s attached to all of your social media sites, so you’re more findable. Hopefully, more funds will come your way this month due to it. Make sure you also have links in your blogs that can send people to places where they can purchase your products and services, too.

Go to some more networking events this month. You never know who will be there that would be interested in what you do. They might even invest in some of your products and/or services this month. That means more money for you this month.

Okay, this one is old fashioned, but it’s still good. Always carry business cards and pass them out wherever you go. Be personable. Strike up conversations with everyone you cross paths with. Ask them what they do, and eventually, they’ll ask you what you do. Have your elevator pitch ready. With your card in their pocket, who knows who they’ll tell about you. We all could use some more word-of-mouth marketing this month, right? If we can get some more, we might be able to get some more sales too.

Finally, push aside your fear and say, “YES” more this month. Who knows what could come from you saying yes to one or two more people this month. Often one thing does lead to another thing, right? So say yes, and hopefully, there will be another deposit in your bank account this month.

All these things may seem like little things. But, small things eventually add up to becoming a big thing. And if a bunch of little things adds up to a bunch of tiny income streams, which adds up to a gushing cash flow this month, then I think you’ve made some amazing progress this month, don’t you?

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