Dan Blanchard’s Interview of Jason Gibson!

Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson

 Jason O. Gibson is the Senior Program Director of the Boys and Girls Club of New Britain. He has over 25 years working as a Professional in the Youth development field. Jason has an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. He was born in Waterbury, Connecticut and is a resident of New Britain, Connecticut since 1991. Jason has overcome many obstacles growing up in poverty in a single parent home. Jason, his mother and his 9 siblings were at one time even homelessness. In addition to Jason’s full-time job at the New Britain Boys and Girls Club, he is also a part time attendance monitor for Consolidated School District of New Britain. Finally, Jason is currently also a Commissioner on the New Britain Housing Authority. Jason sure is busy!


  • Jason, did you always know that you wanted to serve others and help today’s youth?

I always felt compassion for others. Growing up in different circumstances, poverty, single parent household, homelessness and overcoming these situations amongst others, gave me a personal quest to be in a position to give  back .


  • Can you walk us through how you first got started in your career path?


I started out as an intern at Boys and Girls club. It was a place I chose because of the fond memories I had growing up. It seemed to be the ideal match and 25 years later continue to be great decision.  I was able to fully utilize what I was learning in college as well as my life experiences to try and combat the social ills of my members.


  • How did you handle the bumps in the road? Were there any moments when you wondered if all your hard work was worth it?

My faith in God has kept me strong through every obstacle and challenge in life. In addition, I had a great support system around me. A great family, tremendous friends and wonderful mentors along the way.


  • I’m wondering if you can help us understand what you attribute your success to.


I believe that success comes from a variety of learning experiences. Being a risk taker and not afraid to fail. Some of my greatest motivation came from situations of failure.


  • What do teens need today more than anything else?


True guidance. Positive parental involvement, reinforcement support from educators and mentors  ,but most  importantly  self –motivation.


  • What would you tell a teen who was struggling?


  1. Utilize the resources that are available to you.
  2. Speak up and ask for help as needed
  3. Do not give up, exhaust all options that can assist you


  • Jason, what else do you want to tell us about what you do and what you want to eventually be doing?


I enjoy being a father the most! Parenting is the greatest challenge but also the most rewarding experience that I have encountered. I am also blessed to be in a few situations to help our community. Proudly, I am currently a commissioner on the Board of the New Britain Housing Authority. (2011-present)

It is such a heartfelt sense of joy to overcome homelessness and be a homeowner and commissioner on a Board that once was a necessity in my own life in order to survive.


  • Can you please share with all of us something else that I should have asked you?


Working in the youth development field really helped me grow as an individual and gives me an opportunity to take all of the support that I have received and to pay it forward whenever I can.


  • How can people get in touch with you if they have additional questions?


They can contact me at jaygibson09@yahoo.com


Thanks for your time Jason and keep up the good work! Our youth needs more people like you!


Daniel Blanchard

Author and Speaker of the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series.