Dan’s Interview of Lorna Little!

Lorna Little
Lorna Little

 Author Lorna Little is a woman of many talents. Finding out by accident as an adult that she was adopted, she has gone on a mission to find out who she is, as well as help others find out who they are. As Executive Director of the Saint Agnes Home she helps teen mothers and their children find out who they are and become successful. Lorna is very active in the community and has been on a myriad of television and radio shows.


  • Lorna, did you always know that you wanted to serve others and help today’s youth?

Yes, I always knew that I wanted to serve others, but I didn’t initially know that I would spend the majority of my social work career focused on our youth.  I do love young people and I truly believe they are our future.


  • Can you walk us through how you first got started in your career path?

I actually have always had two loves as a young woman deciding on a career path.  I was interested in television and social work/ psychology, and decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Social work. I have worked with adults and children over the years; from corporate EAP’s to community programs. I continued to pursue my media communications interest through local television production.


  • How did you handle the bumps in the road? Were there any moments when you wondered if all your hard work was worth it?

When you are working with young people and their families it is inevitable that you will encounter some challenges. As in life, there are many times where you give it your all and the outcome is still not guaranteed. I have a hard time when others don’t see the amazing potential and abilities they possess. I am a diligent and faithful person who believes that if even one person can be helped by my efforts I will keep on trying.


  • I’m wondering if you can help us understand what you attribute your success to.  I believe my success is through hard work, education and blessings from God.


  • What do teens need today more than anything else?

Teens really need to understand that someone truly cares for them, even if they make    mistakes along the way. They need a sense of security and stability with some guidance.


  • Lorna, what would you tell a teen who was struggling?

First, I would spend time listening to what they need.  We often want to jump to providing solutions without taking time to listen.  It is hard for them to believe this but assisting them to understand the serious impact of making permanent solutions for temporary situations. I would also offer my support and provide necessary resource information.


  • What else do you want to tell us about what you do and what you want to eventually be doing?

I have written a book, Mum’s the Word! and hope to continue to have it be received with positive regard.


I enjoy motivational speaking and would like continue to expand that area of inspiration and motivation. I think my story is one that can help with issues around loss, faith, adoption and family secrets. It is available on Amazon.com – paper back and Kindle format. It is also available on Barnes&Noble.com 


  • Can you please share with all of us something else that I should have asked you?

We are having a fundraiser breakfast for St. Agnes Home on October 24. It features the phenomenal keynote speaker, Dr. Steve Perry.


  • How can people get in touch with you if they have additional questions?

www.Lornascorner.com  or         


Thanks for your time Lorna and keep up the good work! Our youth needs more people like you!

Daniel Blanchard

Author and Speaker of the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series.