DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #3

Dear Granddaddy, why are my parents and teachers always on my A**? Jorge – a really frustrated teen

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Hey, Jorge, I’m feeling your frustration, buddy. As a teen I felt like that, too. Heck, I still feel that way as an adult sometimes. Believe it or not, I still have parents and teachers in my life and I still get that disapproving look from them. It doesn’t matter that I have obtained some degree of success in my life; my parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors still push me to live up to my true potential.

Jorge, I get it. I know you’re frustrated, but all of us coast sometimes and occasionally take the easy way out. It’s human nature to be lazy (conserve life energy) and indifferent. If you’re not feeling those human inclinations, then you’re not human. And since we are all human, it’s only natural for you, me, and the rest of us, to coast once in a while and not always live up to our full potential, right Jorge?

Like you, however, I don’t always like the people in my life giving me a hard time. But, do you want know what I do like? I like doing my best to make this world a better place. And I’ll bet if you really dig down deep and think about it, you’ll admit too that you also like doing your part to make this world a better place. So in the end, even though it’s natural, and normal, to complain about our elders, who are trying to hold us accountable to a higher standard, I think maybe we should be grateful for them instead of mad at them. Hey, believe it or not, holding us accountable is a lot of work for them, too…

In closing, I agree, that it’s a pain in the butt when our elders push us and are all over us to do better. But in the end, it’s also good for us and good for this world, because we’re each doing our part to make this world a better place, aren’t we, Jorge?

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