DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #2

Dear Granddaddy, what has happened to our youth these days? Bobby S. concerned educator


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I’m sure most of us adults sometimes wonder if the world has changed too much, and if our youth have strayed too far from where we were as young ones, right? You want to know something funny, though? Sometimes I also think that maybe we practice selective memory. So what am I getting at here? Well, think about this question for a moment. What did the adults say about us when we were young?

That’s right, they too, said things like, “What has happened to our youth? These are our future leaders! These are the people who are going to take care of us!” That’s right! They did say those things about us, didn’t they? Yet somehow we made it anyway, didn’t we? We somehow set our alarm clock, got up every morning, and went to work every day, right? We had kids and somehow supported our families. Somehow we did all these things and a lot more. And we’ll keep on doing all of these things and a lot more, won’t we?

We succeeded! And our youth will, too. Our youth will surprise us just as we surprised our parents. Our challenges made us stronger. They made us who we are today. Our youth’s challenges will make them stronger. And they will make them who they will eventually become.

We can’t help but worry a little bit about our children. We want to protect them. But our much bigger job is to offer a lot of encouragement and build them up with endless opportunities, advice, and confidence, while trying not to judge them too often or too critically.

In conclusion, I’m grateful for conversations like this because they help us further a discussion that needs to take place more often. We adults can do better in our duty of making a difference, making this world a better place, and filling it with high quality teens, who know they are loved and who someday will become our future leaders, and eventually will take care of us.

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