DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #40

Dear Granddaddy, my dad got transferred again for his dumb job, and now I’m in another school again. Billy B. – angry son starting over again.

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Billy, I’m feeling your pain buddy. I’ve had to move and start over a few times, too. It’s a tough thing to do for all of us, especially for kids. It’s never fun to leave your old friends and start your quest for new ones all over again. I imagine it isn’t easy on your parents, either. I assume this must be a pretty important move for your parents to uproot the family.

Billy, have you ever heard of a guy named Mr. Kocacs? Mr. Kovacs was one of the big bosses of PepsiCo. That’s Pepsi and all the companies they own, like Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell, Frito Lay, Tropicana, and the list goes on and on. Mr. Kovacs had one million employees! Could you imagine being in charge of one million people?

Well, guess what, Billy? Mr. Kovacs was an army brat, whose father had him constantly bouncing all over the world. He was a global citizen, who came from nowhere and everywhere. He had no particular place to call home. Sad, huh?

But do you want to know something? Mr. Kovacs said that he never would have become CEO of PepsiCo if he hadn’t been an army brat, who was constantly forced to start over and build new relationships with new kinds of people.

Makes you wonder a bit, doesn’t it, Billy? What silver linings are hiding in those clouds of change that have been shadowing you? What skills are you presently building that are going to be invaluable when you’re an adult?

So in closing, Billy, I know you’re not happy that you’re bouncing around and starting over, but I expect much good will come out of this for you when you are an adult. Until then Billy, hang in there and remember that your parents really are trying to keep your family’s best interest in front of them. Now get out there and go make some new friends!

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