DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #39

Dear Granddaddy, is there any place safe these days? Concerts, schools, and YouTube gets shot up… What the heck is going on in our society? Sabastian W. – high school student.

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Sabastian, I’ve been thinking a lot about that, too. I often ask others what the heck is going on with these mass shootings. However, the answers I get seem incomplete to me. People don’t know. And they’re uncomfortable not knowing, so they spit out answers like kids’ lack of social/emotional intelligence, kids texting each other rather than talking to an actual human on the other end of the phone; the violent video games; the lack of mental health funding, etc…etc…

So now what? Well, even though we may not honestly know why the violence is happening, every one of us can indeed make a huge difference in our communities by just taking a few more moments to look out for each other and to care for each other. This one little thing will make a huge difference in the safety and quality of all of our lives.

Now I’m not trying to minimize the problem in any way, but regardless of the craziness that has been happening in our society, I still think that we are pretty safe. We all know that occasionally people do get struck by lightning, but few of us worry that we’ll be the next one hit, especially if we’ve taken some precautions. In that same vein, few of us should fear that we’ll be the next one caught in a mass shooting, especially if we’ve taken some precautions.

So in closing, Sabastian, yes, you should be concerned about the violence we’re seeing in our communities, but we can’t live in fear and shut down. We have to go on living our lives as our forefathers envisioned we would. Also, we all have to ask ourselves if we care enough to take the extra time and effort to look out and care for all the others who cross our paths every day. One simple act of kindness might be instrumental in preventing the next tragedy.

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