DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #45

Dear Granddaddy, I don’t want my younger brother to get married. He’s not ready. Angie- Big sister.

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Well, Angie, I don’t know how old or how mature your younger brother is, but I do know that you love him and are concerned. And if you feel strong enough to write to me for advice, then I’m assuming you have solid basis for your concerns on him.

I waited until I was twenty-eight years old before I married because I wanted to make sure I was ready. Now that I look back at it, Angie, I think perhaps I wasn’t prepared, either. And how could I have been? I had never been married before, so I didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare for it. I imagine your little brother falls into the same category of not being adequately prepared, too.

However, Angie, outside of surmising that your little brother isn’t fully prepared, I don’t really know if he should go ahead and get married or wait. But I do know that is a decision he will have to make on his own. If you pressure him on this, it will only cause bad feelings between the two of you. So you’re going to have to let him make his own decisions here and then let him live and learn from those choices.

Believe it or not, sometimes being thrown into the frying pan is good for us young men who are trying to become good men. Being forced to grow up fast helps us dig deep and develop. Being faced with sinking or swimming will force a lot of us to put away the video games and go build the skills we need to get a better job so we can provide for our families.

Angie, I know I haven’t relieved your fears of your little brother not being ready to get married, but once again, that’s a decision he will have to make. And who knows, maybe he’ll surprise you. Either way, it’s up to him, and it most certainly will be a learning experience either way.

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