DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #53

Dear Granddaddy, why do we protect bad leaders? Emma- student

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 Well, Emma, I’m not exactly sure. Your question is a good question and a very complex one, too. I’m guessing that when you mentioned leadership, you’re probably referring to a lot of the things that have been in the news lately on the national level. Unfortunately, our national level politics has been a little scary lately.

As an educator who has written multiple leadership books, leadership columns, and has vast experience in many different leadership positions, I can say with confidence that there are enormous complexities to leadership and especially good leadership. Sometimes when leaders are forced to make decisions, there are no good options available to them. We would all like a win-win scenario, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s a lose-lose scenario instead. And it gets even more complicated when a leader has to pick one of these bad choices and then isn’t also allowed to explain why that choice was selected because of confidentiality issues, or the sensitive nature of it all.

Now, with that said, I, too, have become very concerned with what I’m seeing in the news and the fact that everyone seems to be protecting their own village or tribe, even when they are wrong, rather than having the backbone of a strong stand-up leader to do what is right instead.

Unfortunately, I don’t foresee the news on our screens getting a lot better anytime soon. So, in the meantime, we commoners or regular people can’t become jaded and have to continue to do what we’re supposed to do in our own little circles. Let’s all be the best leaders that we can be in the paths that we travel. And let’s all vow to do better than some of our national leaders are doing at the moment.

Emma, we all need to pull our own weight in the right direction. We can use that power of leadership and synergy to create better families, and better communities that hopefully will someday trickle up to building a better national conscious resulting in better leadership in our country.

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