DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #56

Dear Granddaddy, why did President Bush have such a long funeral? Elisa- student.

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Well, Elisa, it looks like you watched President Bush’s funeral. And that’s a good thing because you took at least some time, if not a lot, to learn something about a great man, a great President, and a great American.

George H.W. Bush will surely be missed. It seems like he was from a different time, when character and hard work were very important. Also, he made endless sacrifices for his country in WWII to help defend democracy against several brutal totalitarians. He treasured a democracy where we all get to have our voices equally heard. And his shining example should be remembered and carried far into the future for all of us to practice and try to get right, or at least do better than we are doing right now.

George Bush was part of The Greatest Generation. This generation lived through the Great Depression, fought WWII on two fronts against overwhelming odds, won that war, and then came home and built up this great country of ours.

Now, I don’t know all the reasons why President Bush’s funeral was so long, but I hope that his passing represents the passing of one generation, The Greatest Generation, to another, and not the end of an era that was based on character, sacrifice, achievement, and democracy. Either way, we should do more than just take a short pause or mere moment of silence to mark this transition. After all, how can we expect to have another Greatest Generation if no one is really paying attention anymore?

Elisa, I’m pretty impressed that you took the time to watch some, if not all of President Bush’s funeral. I’m happy that even though you thought it was long, you also had some sense of the importance of it all. And I’m really impressed that you showed such maturity by reaching out to me to ask a question that was on your mind. Perhaps you can someday be one of the fine Americans who will make up our next Greatest Generation.

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