DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #66

Dear Granddaddy, I’m a 17-year old student whose parents are kicking me out of our house at 18. What do I do? Keith- worried student.

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Keith, you have old school parents. This certainly is a throwback to the old days. One doesn’t often see today’s parents doing this sort of thing of asking their kid to move out at eighteen years old. Okay, Keith, here is the silver lining in your cloud. Somehow, people used to make it on their own at eighteen years old, and somehow you will, too.

The first thing I want you to do is to go to your high school social worker. Have your social worker connect you to an outside community social worker. And then the three of you can figure out what community agencies can help you, as well as what resources are available to you.

Living on your own is very expensive these days, so you need to begin networking right now, before you turn eighteen. You need to find a roommate, who can split the cost of rent and all the other living expense with you so that it’s more affordable.

If you don’t have a job yet, get one. Often, you can land a job in a restaurants as a waiter/server. This will give you some immediate earnings, and buy you some time to consider what other sources of income may be available to you.

Keith, I don’t know where you stand with joining the military, but, if you’re okay with it, it could solve a lot of your problems. I remember being in the military and what a relief it was not to have to think about money anymore, because all my essential needs were taken care of by the U.S. Government.

Keith, above all else, keep your head up and continuously use positive and helpful self-talk to reinforce yourself that you’re going to get through this. Heck, maybe it will even be a blessing in disguise because it turned into a pretty cool journey for you. Keith, you can do this. You got this. Hang in there, buddy.

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