DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #80

Dear Granddaddy, what kind of teachers do students appreciate? Jane- college student.

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Jane, I’m guessing that you may be an aspiring teacher. If I am correct, then good for you. You have a great life’s journey ahead of you. As an educator, you can make a difference and leave a long-lasting legacy of goodness.

Here’s the deal. Students really like and appreciate teachers who enjoy teaching. If you don’t truly enjoy teaching, the kids will see right through you and most likely give you a hard time.

Teaching is a lot more work and a lot harder than the typical person outside the teaching profession realizes. If you don’t truly love teaching, then do yourself a favor and don’t get into it. If you’re already on that path and have come to realize that you don’t love it, then maybe you should look for another profession that you do love. Trust me, you’ll thank me down the road for this advice.

Students also like and appreciate teachers who use anecdotes whenever possible. It shows that school is not only about the three R’s of Reading, Writing, and Rrithmetic, but that what we are doing is genuinely all about the betterment of humanity.

That brings me to my next point. Kids like teachers who teach to the whole child and not just geared toward success in some standardized test. Formal tests are just one data point frozen in period of a child’s life. Our children are so much more than this, and they should be treated and educated as such.

In addition, when you’re teaching, don’t just stand up there at the whiteboard. Students don’t really like that type of teacher. Students prefer teachers who walk around the room, use proximity, and really get right in the middle of their students when they’re teaching.

Finally, Jane, don’t try to talk or dress like your students. And if you don’t know something, admit it. Kids like honest teachers who look and act professional.

Jane, if you pursue a career in teaching, I hope these tips help make it effective, rewarding, and fun.

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