DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #83

Dear Granddaddy, what screams, “I peaked in high school!”? Keith

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Well, Keith, for many of us, especially the successful high school athletes, theater stars, or any others who stood out in high school, it can feel like we peaked in high school. For those of us who became accustomed to the cheering when we excelled in high school, it hurts a little bit when reality sets in and there is no more cheering in the great big world out there. Our success in high school is fleeting, regardless of how big a fish we may have been in our small high school pond.

I can tell you that after high school, when I was trying to navigate the adult world without crowds and fans cheering for my victories, I somehow felt like I was losing in the real world much more than I was winning. There were many times when I wondered if my best days were behind me. And I bet a lot of people out there can relate to this, too.

However, as someone who survived that period of uncertainty in my life, I can absolutely tell everyone that we didn’t peak in high school. Our best days are in front of us, and not behind us, even if we are still struggling to find our way.

As long as we don’t become Al Bundy from the television show Married with Children, our best days are still ahead of us. On every show, Al Bundy talked about the four touchdowns he scored in a single game for Polk High School. He then put his hands in his pants, sat down on the couch to watch television, and did nothing else with his life.

Al Bundy peaked in high school. Not us! And if we find ourselves beginning to drift toward always talking about our glory days but doing nothing right now in the real world, then we need to get up off that couch and get back to creating the life we want, so we’re not like Al Bundy, the guy who really did peak in high school.

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