DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #86

Dear Granddaddy, I’ve been going through a stressful time. How do I overcome my hardships? Stephanie.

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Stephanie, I’m sorry to hear that you have been going through some stressful times. A strategy I used when I was younger during stressful times was to go to the gym and take it out on the weights. In my youth, I used to punish those dumbbells and barbells at the gym by heaving them up as many times as I could manage. Those intense workouts really helped me reduce my stress while something positive by building up my physical fitness. Another thing you can consider doing is going for a run, or even a walk. The movement and fresh air will help a lot. The cool thing here is that through exercise, any of us can take a negative thing like stress and actually turn it into a positive thing like improving our health and fitness, as well as our mental clarity through exercise.

A common thing many stressed and depressed people do is isolate themselves from others because they’re not feeling emotionally well about life. This practice of isolation is the exact opposite of what one should be doing during stressful times. These times are exactly when one should be with others, who can offer empathy and support.

And speaking of others, it also makes a lot of sense to talk to someone about being stressed. If you can speak to an expert like a school social worker, that would be even better for you and your well-being.

In addition, you could create a to-do list, prioritize it, and break down your first task into tiny steps. This will help you destress a lot. And do you want to know what else will help even more? Feeling really good about taking that first step that puts you on the road to accomplishment. Achieving something! Crossing something off your to-do list will feel great and help you rid yourself of a bunch of unwanted stress. So go do what you have to do, Stephanie, and you’ll see that things will slowly get better.

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