DEAR GRANDDADDY- A Teen, Parent, and Educator Advice Column BLOG #98

Dear Granddaddy, what is the best parenting advice? Anita

Bestselling and award-winning author, speaker, educator, and TV host.


Well, Anita, I think W.E.B. Dubois said it best when he said, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”

Even with Dubois’ sage advice in mind, I admit that sometimes I get frustrated as a parent knowing that the majority of my waking hours are spent helping and teaching other people’s kids. My day jobs of teaching, coaching, authoring, and speaking don’t leave me with as much time to devote to my own children as I would like.

I’m sure all of us parents out there do this, too, but I sometimes wonder how good a job I’m doing with my own kids because of this dynamic of helping other people’s children more than my own.

Still, my own kids never cease to amaze me by how kind they are, how hard they work, and how accomplished they are, as well. I feel blessed beyond belief, and I constantly wonder how I got so lucky to have children with these wonderful qualities, even though I’m not there that often to guide them.

And then it dawns on me that I’m kind, work hard, and have achieved a lot. So even though I don’t spend countless hours directly teaching my own children these values and skills, I still do teach them these things by modeling them whenever I’m with my kids, or with anyone, for that matter.

The values and skills of being kind, working hard, and achieving are part of who I am. So, naturally, it will be who my kids are, too, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Now I need to keep the momentum going and keep building on the good we’ve already accomplished. And so do you, Anita.

So, it a nutshell, if we want to be great parents, who give great advice, then I guess we need to be great people, because our kids will mimic what we do and what we are, not just what we say. So let’s focus on becoming ourselves what we want our kids to become.

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