Enjoy the Rainstorms!

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Dan Blanchard- award-winning author, speaker, and educator

Face it, folks. There is no way of getting around life’s rainstorms. Our battle scars from these storms make us who we are. We should wear these battle scars with pride like they were a luxurious coat of armor from King Arthur himself. Our battle scars have toughened us up, made us smarter, and taught us how to better protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our lives’ rainstorms really are badges of courage, honor, and pride.

I know this may seem hard for you to digest at the moment, but it’s all true. We all admire someone who is tough and who has been through a lot of hardship. We all admire someone who stands as a beacon of light in this sometimes dark, overwhelming, and confusing world! Remember, storms soak us, but they also cleanse us of our past weaknesses…

If you are not old enough or experienced enough yet to fully appreciate what I am saying here at this time, wait long enough, and eventually, you will be. At some point in your life, you will understand what I’m saying, and then you will thank me and the rainstorms of your life. In addition, you’ll also refuse to trade in any of the rainstorms of your life. These rainstorms are truly what has made you unique and what has made you who you are! Someday, you’ll look back at those rainstorms and beam proudly over all that you’ve OVERCOME and thus BECOME!

I write this teen leadership/success article with calloused hands, old battle scars, and occasional pains in my joints. The pains tend to flare up whenever it rains as a friendly reminder to myself to enjoy my own storms and to encourage others to enjoy theirs. Remember, after each rainstorm, there is usually a beautiful rainbow! Like the rainbow, you’re beautiful, scars and all. So let’s be grateful and move forward with an attitude of gratitude.

Now, please share with us how you plan to use the secret of success of Enjoying the Rainstorms.

Thanks for your time,

Daniel Blanchard

Author of the Granddaddy’s Secrets series

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